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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

You might be a redneck if...

...the highlight of the week (month?) is going to the Wiscoy-Rossburg Fishfry!!

W-R is a volunteer fire department in the neighboring county that has been having a monthly fish fry for as many years as I can remember.

Below is one of the two rooms for eating (this room is actually a 2-truck bay in the firehall) and you can see the kitchen in the way back and the cake cutting station on the far right. There was a large amish family eating in the other room. It's clearly served family style and it's all you can eat fish, coleslaw, cottage cheese, rolls and french fries. We got there later than normal so only had a short wait but I can remember waits of over 30 minutes, outside, in the cold. And it's always soooo worth the wait too!

 #1 Pops is a real prankster and posed for this entertaining photo.

Mom wanted a normal pose for posterity so I retook the shot.

Mom doesn't do funny faces but I really like this one. Wish the eyes were more in focus.

We were sitting very close to the kitchen and I had spent the night trying to get the chefs from afar but someone always walked in front of me. Finally mom dared me to walk over and ask to take a close up. What's a redneck to do but comply?! Thanks for a great dinner guys!

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