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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blog commenting

Hello all - no quilty stuff today. I had no get up and go last night so I just went to bed. With big thunder storms in the middle of the last two nights I was whooped. I tried to work on a UFO this morning but while the middle and borders were done already I finally realized I had to make a coping strip and I just didn't have the time to concentrate on the math... That silly strip is probably why it was a UFO in the first place.

This post is for Cheryl and anyone else who is new to blogging and isn't sure how to leave comments when they like something I've said. Everyone's blog is a little different but the commenting process should be very similar on other blogs.

At the end of each post there is a line that reads "Blogged by Sarah at 12:00pm" that is followed by "2 Comments". If you left-click on the number of comments (a link), a window will pop up so you can read those comments. Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up window and type your own comment in the "leave your comment" box.

After typing your comment choose an identity and sign in if required.
     Cheryl - I think we got you a Google account, right?
     For everyone else - even if you don't blog I highly suggest you get a free Google account. If you comment under anonymous I have no way of writing back to you but if you have a Google account I have a way to write back and I've met some really neat people that way. I've also found a ton of new blogs to follow in my (new) Google Reader account but that is a totally different story.

The rest is easy - hit preview to proof your comment first or hit publish to send it directly out into the world wide web. Some blogs will require you to type a misspelled word into the nearby box - that's just to make sure you aren't a computer/troll leaving a message. An extra step but the famous blogs need to stay away from trolls - no such problem here at Casa Grande!

Was this as clear as mud? Let me know if I need to clarify something...

Sew, now that you know how to comment - how many people can leave me a quickie comment today just to say you were here? Do you need a bribe?


Janet O. said...

Sarah, I'm here, but apparently I am alone. : )

Denise :) said...

No, Janet's not alone! Hi Sarah! :)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Sarah that was much clearer than my scribbled notes which I did find.How did I do? Cheryl

Patchwork Sisters said...

You are not alone! I was here too.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I was here - five. ;)) And sure - bribes are good - I like bribes - what have you got?

Anonymous said...

Informative post.