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Friday, June 03, 2011

Feline Friday

What's old is new again! You've heard that before right? It's usually about fashion or something trendy but today it's about more kitty toys.

I have no idea what this "tunnel" is called anymore. In Miami I used to sit it on end for lack of space and Tula and Pepper would take turns sitting in the bottom, mainly because their actual bottoms were too heavy to sit in the top section. I stored their toys on the very top. It has holes on 2 sides of each section and 1 hole between the 2 sections.

Once we got back to Castile, I had the tunnel in the upstairs office and couldn't get any of the parade of cats to sit it in no matter what I tried. I was thinking of putting it out for this weekend's garage sale but brought it downstairs for one last chance.

So...guess who likes to play in it? All three of them!!! Go figure... Pepper likes to sit it in the most but all 3 take turns chasing the toys in it or chasing the shadows on the blue plastic (inside or out). I have no idea if the change of location made a difference or that it's now on it's side or what but downstairs it will stay!

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suesueb said...

I love the different personalities of cats! Thanks for the visit. Your quilts are beautiful!! I have so many unfinished projects. I think our minds want to hurry up and our hands just can't keep up with them.
p.s. I love country music too.