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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day on the Arcade & Attica Railroad

For Father's Day, the whole family took a ride on the historic A&A Railroad.

Typically, the A&A consists of a steam engine, several passenger cars and an open car (without seating). For this event an additional steam engine was added - think "Percy" from Thomas the Train - Dad called it a puffer belly.

Part way into the ride the train stopped, allowing anyone that wanted to get off the train to do so for a few minutes. The train then backed up and "flew" past us as a demonstration. Can you guess how fast "flying" is! Mom chose to stay on the train.

I've been trying to upload a video for over an hour - anyone know the trick?

The train stops in Curriers so the engines can switch to the back of the train and take us back to Arcade. This allows everyone to get off the train, grab a bite to eat and for this event there was also pony rides and a petty zoo for the kiddies.

This is the Puffer Belly #6 - it's a privately owned engine that was brought in just for this event

Switching engines also gives us a chance to lay pennies on the rail for smooshing. Tom and I tried to overlap some pennies but the engine wasn't heavy enough to meld them together this time. I layed out 14 pennies, 2 are gone, probably stuck to the engine wheels and I gave several away to my nephews or random kids. Such cheap entertainment!

This has gotten very photo intense...I have a lot more photos if anyone is interested - just let me know...

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