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Thursday, December 17, 2015

HeLP for Hexie-aholics - 12/17/15

Welcome to the Ho Ho Ho edition of Hexie Linky Party for the lovers of EPP!!!

I thought I would start today with my new Christmas dress.

It's kinda hard to take a full length selfie so I added this closeup. Just promise to ignore the damp hair from walking in the rain. Fantastic dress, no?

I've been working on my Twisted Hexies since the last HeLP and it feels so good to have a large portion of it together. Nowhere near half together but it's great to see it in such a large piece. I have a number of the large rosettes made already but I've been focusing on making more smaller rosettes which are easier for lunch hours or the last spare minutes before bed. After Christmas I can pull out the big guns on this project again.

I've been using this new little yardstick box to hold my rosette parts while I work. It was part of a squishy I won from Janet a few weeks ago!!!!

She included a mini candy bar/2.5" squares, a tiny little stocking to add to my small collection and her scrumptious homemade soaps. You know I'll come up with some hexie pattern for the fabric squares :)

Gotta love the 2 kick-pleats and attached neck scarf!

OK - back to that dress. Ya'll don't really believe me do you? Anyone local would have started laughing riotously as soon as I said I was going to wear a dress and continued laughing when I said I was wearing it on a holiday. This jeans and a t-shirt gal is very very very very very very rarely seen in a dress - especially a fitted one. The LQS owner who initiated and continues to promote my hexie obsession, Claudia, found it at Goodwill a few weeks back. I may have lost a couple pants sizes walking for the last 6 months and this dress is supposedly in my old size but you can probably tell from the first photo that there is no way this will fit - it's not even zipped. Maybe by next Christmas!  Just to give my family a fright!

Ok, my hexie friends, it's now your turn. What projects are you dreaming of? Working on? Found in the back of the closet or finished for Christmas? Do share!!


tubakk said...

What a fun dress. I've never seen someone using something like this before. I'm sewing on my La Passion, wishing to finish it in a couple of years. I'm linking up the first 6100 hexies out of 17000 in this project.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I would de-construct that dress and use the fabric in something else. I can't remember the last time I wore a dress - does a hospital gown count?

margaret said...

what a dress is it really made with hexies or a printed fabric?

Frances said...

Crazee crazee hexi ladie! I agree, a restyle could produce something almost wearable.

Janet O. said...

That dress is a HOOT! Is it cotton? If so, you could quilt with it. If not, I vote for deconstruction and at least make a shirt or skirt that you could wear, if you wanted to.
Glad your package arrived. Mine did, too, a fact that whoever brought it in failed to mention to me. I don't know how long it had been sitting beneath a pile of someone else's things before I happened to pick up the pile to move it and saw my package. They are perfect, Sarah! Worked out just right! Thank you!!