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Wednesday, December 23, 2015



Remember how I joined the Santa Sack Swap and received this awesome sack from Jo in Australia??

Such pretty purple paper!!

Well, Friday was finally opening day!!!! WooHoo!!! The rules said we could open our gifts on Friday the 18th or we could wait until Christmas day. Never one to follow the rules, I decided to open one a day and spread out the cheer!

On Friday I opened a box of my current favorite tea. It was the perfect timing as we had finally gotten cold weather and would have 2" or 3" of snow by Saturday morning!! I'm not going to tell you that it's currently 54F/15C which is unheard of for December in the lake effect snow belt region of Western NY.

On Saturday, I opened this gorgeous little wall hanging! Jo found on my blog that I like to collect coins so it has a vinyl cover to the jar and she included a complete set of Aussie coins. I gushed about this all day while working at the LQS and I'm sure I drove a couple people nutzo.

The google eyes make me laugh every time!

On Sunday I opened this hilarious mug rug. I swear Jo must have had conversations with Zorro - the little stinker - since he loves to steal anything that's mine. This already has a proud home in my quilt lab.

On Monday I opened yet another package to reveal the choco tray, hand stitched ornament and money notepad! I hope to make 'roo chocolates for the family. My dad's stepmother was 100% Aussie so his step-siblings have a real connection to anything Aussie.

Yesterday I discovered two dishclothes. Can you see the S on the square washcloth? They are almost too pretty to use...


And last, but not least, today I opened this adorable notebook and cover. Jo was brave enough to make clamshells (yeah, I've not been that brave!) and they are little cats with pointy ears and more google eyes! I often use sticky notes to jot down quilt ideas for future or current projects but I think I'll keep them all in this journal now!!

Jo is such a talented artist - her FMQ and hand stitching were fabulous and did you notice she color coordinated everything to my fav colors??!! I had such a good time opening my gifts and it definitely made this stressful time of year so much more relaxed.

Thanks Jo!!!!
Merry Christmas!!

PS - check out what other people received here!


Missy Shay said...

What awesome gifts, she is super talented!

Wendy said...

A great sack of gifties you received!

Frances said...

Amazing sack, Jo is a great partner ( and guess she is dealing with higher temperatures than you at the moment ...) unseasonably warm here in the UK.

Vireya said...

Wow, she even included a 1c and 2c! They are hard to come by, as they were discontinued in the early 1990s.

I love the cat stealing patchwork bits.

Jo said...

Yes the ones and twos are still floating around people's drawers... I had fun making the gifts for you.
We had a few days of 40 - 41 deg C.. It's going to be about 33 today and tomorrow.
Enjoy your gifts and have a very happy and safe Xmas. Well done with the he photos.....

Denise :) said...

Wow!! Jo was a very thoughtful SS for you!!! Love all the sweet gifts -- smart of you to spread the joy!!! LOL! :)

margaret said...

Jo has certainly sent you the most wonderful treasures here. Good to here you will get your white Christmas after all, here it will be rain.
Have a lovely time and all the best for 2026 sorry 2016!!

creations.1 said...

A beautiful bounty of gifts - and what a special thought including the coins!! perfect colour selection too (I am a little partial to purple!).