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Monday, March 14, 2016

Design Wall Monday - 3/14/16

I was almost able to finish my giraffe themed project this weekend!!!

Uh, Zorro, the peeps can't see Momma's dolly quilt.

I needed to cut fabric for the last 3 hexies last night but, feeling lazy, I spent my last half hour before bed on another UFO.

This morning I cut the 3 needed pieces and got the first sewn on. I still need to finish 2 more hexies, 3 green diamonds and then the triangles to square off the top and bottom.

I've got a party for ~12 at my house on Wednesday so I probably won't get much sewing done before then, given the cleaning and cooking I need to finish. Thankfully, the ladies all know that my lab is a "used" room, never to be immaculate, and they love to have a look-see at my current projects. In other words, I can't put them *all* away...


margaret said...

every hexie done means one less to do, have a lovely party I am sure it will be great fun and full of laughter

Jo said...

Sounds like a lot of fun

Janet O. said...

Oh, so close to done!
Party of Twelve--I love that fabric line by Judie Rothermel! Oh, wait, you mean you are actually hosting a party and 12 people are coming. Well that could be fun, too--except for all of the cooking and cleaning beforehand! : )

Karen H said...

Zorro is just making sure that the quilt doesn't get blown away by a gust of wind. Think of him as a paper weight for quilts!