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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Quilt Lab clean up post #5

Project background: I'm spending the month of March cleaning up my quilt lab and blogging about all my hexie UFOs along the way...


Today's post deals with my design wall. It's meant to be a place to design quilts, of course,  but sometimes it becomes more of an inspiration board. I'm not sure which I prefer. Any really large quilt I'm working on has to be laid out on the floor but it's definitely nice to have that vertical space to "eye" my smaller projects for balance, etc.

You are probably questioning the deviled egg fabric - I guess it's my signature dish to some degree. I have several store bought books and many more recipes saved on Pinterest or in a notebook. I bet I have almost 200 recipes! It was a sure thing to buy the fabric - now I just need a pattern. I'll probably incorporate the colors more than the egg shape but I know something will come to me!

The first hexie project I put away were these 1.5" diamonds. These were from the 2014-15 birthday swap in our hexie club. I've been trying to come up with something to make them into but nothing has grabbed me yet so back into the baggie they go until inspiration hits.

These hexies are from The New Hexagon. I had picked out these solids to go with a fab border fabric but I found the solids boring (no fussy cutting) and they just hung around. I've now put these in the orphan box and I'll put the fabrics in the general stash.

Orange star was from a class I took in Houston. The pieced fabric was pressed onto freezer paper.
The rosette is supposed to have a snowman face in the center.
The diamond was an extra from "Obsession" - someday it will be the label on the back.

These are some random bits that have also been moved to the orphan box.

This was an adorable fabric that I couldn't resist because our LQS mascot is an owl. Unfortunately I didn't plan any more beyond this hexagon and I don't have much left of that purple. This has gone into the waiting for inspiration pile.

Photo taken in the dark so you can see it glow.
I often forget it glows until the lights are turned off.

The center of this star was a sample of pieced hexies for hexie club. The background fabric glows in the dark!! It's also gone into the waiting for inspiration pile - I'm sure some day it will become a doll cat bed quilt.

And here is the final design wall - I left 4 license plates from Row-by-Row hops, an adorable cat fabric and the hexie tree skirt pieces.

Unfortunately, I hate it. It's so open and WHITE. I spent 14 years in white apartments and large expanses of white drives me craycray. I prefer COLOR!!!!

The giraffe themed doll quilt has come down so I can finish it and I've put up some Seminole piecing strips but I'm sure some other projects are going to go up so I can figure out what to do with them. I just can't seem to focus with all this empty space.


Jo said...

Maybe you could design your own GYPSY WIFE quilt using your HEXIES instead. Use up all your orphan blocks. Great scrap quilt

Janet O. said...

Deviled eggs are a really interesting choice for a signature dish. Over 200 recipes--are you kidding?
B.C. (before celiac) my signature dishes were shortbread and fruit pies. Now I guess I don't have a signature dish.
I can't believe the hexie projects that seem to be coming out of the woodwork, Sarah! How many is this so far--I have lost count!

Frances said...

I am loving this March project. The egg fabric? I am not sure where it is all heading, but I am enjoying the ride.
PS: please fill the white space soon.

margaret said...

what a great design space you have it must be inspiring, more hexies you have shared today. I am sure you will find something to do with the egg fabric soon

Karen H said...

I love seeing a variety of projects on my design wall. It provides inspiration and colour. They also serve as a constant reminder of "this needs to be worked on"!