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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Full Hexie Disclosure Project

Consider this a head's up on a hexie project I'm going to work on for the month of March. I'm still deciding how to do this project so I hope you won't hold it against me if anything changes as I go along.

A week or so ago, Janet was questioning just how many hexie UFOs I have. LOL.  I couldn't give her a number off the top of my head so I offered to send her a photo or I could do full disclosure and post it to my blog. She **immediately** jumped on full disclosure. I've thought of several ways to share photos of ALL the projects but I think I'm gonna go with the one that came to me this morning.

Exhibit A:

Yes, I made the picture small so MAYBE 
without your glasses you'll mistake how long the list is.

My computer list of UFOs, wishes, finished and WIPs. If it's hexie related it's on the list. I started this list months ago to set priorities for finishing (or starting?) projects and it's really helped.

Don't anyone ask how long the UFO list is of all my non-hexie projects cuz I'll never answer - I have no desire to know.

Exhibit B:

My quilt lab is a disaster - I'm working on several projects at once (you knew that, right?!) and there is fabric to put away and scraps to trim and I just got 2 quilts back from a show and I'm cutting more batiks for twisted hexies and I am trying to organize and...and...and...

My goal will be to work my way around the room to organize it better. Oh, stop laughing!!! I'll share photos of hexie projects as I work my way around the room and I'll check them off the list as I go. If I find anything not on the list I'll add it and I'll make any other changes I discover. I'll eventually incorporate the pictures to my hexiology tab which has been long neglected.

I'm not sure where I'm gonna start tonight...any requests? Janet?
Curio cabinet? Design wall? Cutting mat? Ironing board? Coffee table? Chair? Drawer stack? Bookshelf?

Be gentle!!!


Janet O. said...

Okay, wait--I'll be done laughing in a minute!!

Now, I think the curio cabinet sounds like a lovely place to start. I've always loved curio cabinets and one filled with quilting stuff has got to be good!

Thanks for coming clean, Sarah. I know we'll all feel better. : )

Chantal said...

You are so funny Sarah! I knew there was a reason other than our shared love of reading and kitties why I like you! It obviously has to do with the very long UFO list and the very many lovely projects we are so badly wanting to start and do start! Your sewing room looks like mine!!!! LOL. Good luck with the cleaning up. I have come to the conclusion that I will have to sew my way out of the mess!

Frances said...

The computer list really shows that you take this seriously. - it raises it to a higher level ....

Jill said...

Your quilt lab looks like a lovely place to spend your time! It's always refreshing for me to know others have a long list of UFOs and WIPs!!!

Denise :) said...

Bahahaha!!!! I'm *still* laughing! This picture is a SURE sign of incredible creative genius. If I didn't believe you had it before (which I did), I'd be convinced now!!! :)