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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Quilt Lab clean up post #6

Project background: I'm spending the month of March cleaning up my quilt lab and blogging about all my hexie UFOs along the way...


Today's post is short and sweet!

This is one of 2 bookcases flanking the double windows in my quilt lab and I consider it hexie central even tho there is non-hexie stuff mixed in.

I found a few random orphan type blocks but I chose not to photograph them as a hexie here and there didn't add up to much.

I did work on updating my hexie paper inventory. A few of the un-highlighted items are in project boxes and, obviously, there are a few things that need to be added to the list.

I'm not sure I like the Ball jars here instead of the bigger biscuit jars. This might get changed again later as Dad and I are building a shelf over the windows for one set of jars or the other. 

Top shelf is antique jars of my of-used papers, tiny basket of hole punches for punching papers, biscuit jar with birthday shapes for hexie club, round purple/orange zipper bag with my pieced hexie templates and a stack of Fiskars hexie punches. The bird bath pedestal hold my collection of antique thimbles that I use to count by tens when cutting large numbers of quilt pieces.

Second shelf is mini drawers of papers and acrylic templates sorted by size, tins of projects I've already shared and hexie books.

The third shelf is my quilting book collection and several binders of print outs on various topics. I need to cull some of the books but that can wait for another day.

There are 2 more shelves to this case but they are for rubber stamping and tatting supplies and can also wait for another day...


tubakk said...

I love to see a nice and clean quilting and storing place. You made me start, thank you.

Frances said...

Only a few days left in March, will you get it all done?

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love the old jars for storage - I gave all my new and old jars to the Amish who came to help with our Valley 'Storm Irene' clean-up as a thank you.

Janet O. said...

Wait--I thought the curio was hexie central. Now I am confused. : )
Love the books sorted by spine color. Now I'm torn between leaving them grouped by type of book (as they are now), or putting them together like a rainbow. It looks so neat.
I am impressed with your consistent progress, Sarah.
Do I also see a bunch of stencils on the shelf below the books?

margaret said...

now looking very tidy, I wonder how long that will last!!! if like me not long at all

Linda Swanekamp said...

I love the quilt hanging in the background. What pattern is it? I have some handdyes that would look great in this pattern.