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Monday, March 21, 2016

Design Wall Monday - 3/21/16

Ohhhh it was such a good weekend - blue skies, sunshine, good food and lotsa time in my quilt lab!!!! I actually sat on the living room floor on Saturday just so I could sit in the sun.

My first chore for the weekend was packing my little blue suitcase with hexie projects for an upcoming trip. Yeah, it's early to pack but I see it as setting my honey-do or priority list until repacking for the next trip in mid-April. Any way...the suitcase worked cuz I was pretty productive.

Second chore was cleaning up a bookcase - tune in tomorrow for those pictures.

Having done my "chores", it was time to play so I alternated back and forth between hexies and machine work.

I like the sparkle the teal flange adds

One of my easiest finishes was the binding on this doll quilt. It was already sewn onto the front of the quilt, I just had to machine sew it to the back with my flat fell foot. Easy peasy.

I think the Quality Control Officer was pleased.

Not the world's best photo but I really liked the texture as I was turning off the room lights.

I also worked on a section of the quilting on this (unnamed) doll quilt. I had quilted orange peels in the hexie off-center strip but wasn't sure about the other strips. After some encouragement from Janet I went ahead with my idea for a grid (matching the hexie edges/angles) on the larger strip. The remaining smaller strip (at bottom of photo) will have feathers.

I'm not the only one taking advantage of the table!

I also got a real good start on name badge holders for my upcoming conference. I took advantage of the 8 foot table still up from the party last week and spread out each "kit" so I work on it assembly style.

The colored squares were purchased at a quilt show. The vendor sold hand dyes and had a cute little box of 6 gradients of each of her colors. They were 2" squares and perfect for 3/4" hexies. Unfortunately, the burnt orange set to the left is short one piece - I am hoping to find a suitable replacement so I can include that rosette too.

On Saturday afternoon I peaked into my little blue suitcase for a project to work on while I watched one episode of Grey's Anatomy. I decided to work on the ombre rosettes since I thought it would be easy to finish one rosette.

Of course, as the weekend progressed, I kept going back to the ombre project.
After all, there were only 6 rosettes left to finish...

You know that I finished all the rosettes by last night, right? There is one more at work that I will take home to finish tonight and then I'll find a piece to sub in the burnt orange gradient. I think that will make 21 rosettes.

Am I crazy enough to cut fabric for the diamonds before my trip?

I've even worked out a setting. I'll be using these 3/4" diamonds. Please know that *IF* I ever post a picture of myself I will be bald from making tiny diamonds...

And after the rosettes were done? I pulled out my card trick blocks and got a good start on this too.

Yeah - I might have to repack the suitcase before my trip...and I'm ok with that...


Janet O. said...

Great finish, Sarah! I love the little peek of teal in the binding.
SO happy to see the quilting progress on your yet unnamed quilt. I hope you are happy with it. Looks really good to me!
The rosette progress amazes me. How do you get so much done on so many projects? How tiny are those little diamonds! My head aches just looking at them.
I want to make a mini card tricks quilt--someday. I love that pattern Luscious colors on yours!

Frances said...

Wow, a finish. Looking forward to the next installment.

Chantal said...

Wow, you sure were sparking this weekend. Congrats on the gorgeous finish and on all the progress you made. I am pleased the quality control officer approves of the doll/ cat bed quilt.

margaret said...

you have certainly been busy, the doll quilt is a delight, not tried machine binding with a flat fell foot, in fact not heard of the foot, always finish mine by hand, mind you I love hand stitching the binding.The table is a good idea think maybe I should invest in one as would be great for cutting out etc I use the kitchen table so have to clear it at meal times.The hexies look oh so neat, happy diamond sewing do not envy you that