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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Quilt lab cleanup post #1

Project background: I'm spending the month of March cleaning up my quilt lab and blogging about all my hexie UFOs along the way...

I didn't see Janet's request to start with the curio cabinet until after I had already started on the cutting mat so I'll do the cabinet next.

I had chosen to start with the cutting mat because it's kind of grand central for my quilt lab - everything seems to start and stop here. And apparently a lot gets dumped here as well! I thought a nice/large/clean area would be very encouraging for the rest of the project.

This is what I started with. Not the worst I've ever had but not the best either considering I could only use about 11" x 20" on a 24" x 36" mat.

We have a monthly birthday swap in hexie club and Denise is our penpal member.
I finally sorted her envelope of birthday shapes into the storage bin with my prepared shapes.

This weekend I had been working on my hexie iSpy quilt by cutting more 5" squares
of hexie fabrics and black wedges. When I started cleaning I had 52 blocks made, 29 cut and 4 more to cut.

While cleaning, I cut the last 4 and put it all the parts back into it's bin.
 This will be a nice no-brainer project when I'll have an hour to sew.

Hmmm..left over fabric from Value Proposition...put this in the fabric-to-put-away- pile.

I'm working on a kind of new project and decided I would use my Fiskars cutter to cut our 1/2" hexies from all those annoying magazine inserts. I cut a page worth this morning while I was waiting for the car to warm and maybe melt some of the ice encrusting it. Not sure where to store this unless I just gitter done and put the hexies in with the project and put the Fiskars away.

The 3 shot cottons were on the cutting mat since I had cut the olive green a few weeks ago. The round tin usually contains the finished Chrysanthemums I spread out and the choco tin held the rest needing to be put together. These are the 2016 birthday swap shape and I'd like to get the background sewn together ASAP so I know how many more chrysanthemums to make but I might need to get more olive shot cotton first...

Hah! - found an empty plastic bin to store the fabric and to-be-completed chrysanthemums in.

These are from my POTC project. For a while I had some spare bits at my couch work station to use thread ends. Not sure why it was on the cutting table but I finished these up while watching TV and put them away in the POTC box.

This is new fabric for a hexie project that I haven't picked yet - I just couldn't pass on the pretty fabric.
I put it in the someday pile.

And this is what I ended with!! Woohoo!! I spent time doing tiny bits of work to finish parts of the projects so it prob took a bit longer than I had originally planned but it's nice to have those bits done.

The tin holds batik strips to trim into half hexies for my Twisted hexie project.

Lookie there - I trimmed them up this morning, set the tin aside to house another project and now
my cutting mat is 99% clean with just my rotary cutter at the ready and my hexie rock.

Yipp - that was 8 hexie UFOs/WIPs on just my cutting mat. This is gonna be a loooooooooong clean up...


Chantal said...

You are sew addicted to hexies! Cutting station looks great.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Super clean up job!! And it doesn't hurt to take that little bit of time to finish the tiny project taskes rather than scope them up. So two gold stars!!

Janet O. said...

Doesn't matter where you start, Sarah. But I am totally dumbfounded by the number of hexie projects just on the table! I can't imagine how many more you will unearth as you work your way around the room. Can't wait to see more.
BTW, your table looks so nice now! : )

margaret said...

lots of hexie projects on the go here. Think I cold do with a cutting mat like yours mine is smaller and often not big enough

Jo said...

What great work to get cut out all your I SPY blocks....
Wow. You can see your mat now.
Love those one day fabrics...

Me and My Stitches said...

I love organization! Doesn't it feel good to have that done? Can't believe how many little things you finished up along the way!

Denise :) said...

I've been *sorted*!! LOL! You are making amazing progress, my darling! Keep up the good work!! :)