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Monday, March 05, 2018

Feline Monday - 3/5/18

Did all ya'll miss me on Friday? I missed you!
Ya see we had this little snowstorm and Momma got to stay home! Woot!

It was snowing pretty good when Momma and I went to bed on Thursday but those weather people never get it right so we didn't think we would get anywhere near the predicted 22".

Well! What do you know?! Those weather peeps CAN get it right once in a while!

When I finally dragged Momma out of bed for my breakfast, this was the view from Momma's quilt lab. While the weather usually comes from the front/right side of the house, this weather came from behind the house - we were especially surprised to find so much snow built up on the windowsill and on top of my bird feeder at the front of the house.

I growl and hiss at the snow to tell it I don't like it.
Do you do that?

Momma knows I like to go outside right after breakfast so she pushed the door open as far as she could. I think she was crazy cuz I ain't going out in that much white stuff. My great uncle Carl had so much snow just outside his door that he had to kick out the bottom panel of the door to move the snow. Yikes!

Momma got the door open just a tad more so she could get out and start shoveling. I went to take a nap cuz it was gonna take her a while.

I think there is a car under there.

I knew she could find it! Well, at least half of it.

It took Momma an hour to shovel from the porch to the car, uncover half the car and then shovel out to the road. Our driveway is 4 car lengths and then the plows didn't plow all the way to the grass (there just wasn't anywhere to push it) so that was another 3 feet of snow.  How could it possibly have taken that long? That's cuz it was three shovelfuls deep - about 19". Maybe next time she should shovel a straight line...

After another hour of shoveling, Momma went back to finish uncovering the car. I think she had kinda lost it by then...

Finally, after 2.5 hours of shoveling a neighbor came over to blow out the end of the driveway. That saved Momma another hour of shoveling. She was and is soooooooooooo grateful.

By now Momma's back was KILLING her so she was happy that her boss let her take the rest of the day off.

Since Momma was home I did my best to entertain her! Yipp...I do have 3 legs hanging outside my crow's nest and that is my purple Puppy dogtoy.

I also did my best to help her rest her back. I thought sitting in her lap would do just the trick!

By yesterday the weather was drastically different. Look at those blue skies! And look how the thin bits left in the driveway have melted. Momma was walking to the local mini-mart for more eggs (molasses cookie time!!) so I thought I would follow her. I don't think she wanted me to but that's a whole 'nother story.

This is my favorite snow sculpture in the neighborhood. I wonder how long that snow is going to hang off the roofs??!!

And now it's time for another nap...see y'all this Friday!


Janet O. said...

You DID get dumped on!! That is a LOT of shoveling. I'd say you should have a sore back after all that. Can't you teach Z to give back massages? Much more helpful than just laying in your lap! :)
They say we got 10" of the 12" that were forecast, but it had been warm enough prior to the storm, that the first few inches melted on impact.

hetty said...

Oh my! That's a lot! We didn't get nearly the amount of snow that was forecast. Only a few inches - maybe 4 or 5. It looked pretty and was gone in less than a day.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

WOW! That was some snow--is that it for the season or is more on the way? Z is such a smart guy--staying inside, keeping watch and then finding a soft warm lap.

Denise :) said...

It's so pretty . . . I'm so jealous! Z is a smart kitty for keeping inside on Friday ... not fit for man or beast (or Sarah, when it comes right down to it)!! :)

Vireya said...

Wow, that is amazing!

Is it normal for your doors to open outwards? I can see that it would be practical that way, rather than having snow fall into the house when you opened the door. Doors never open outwards here, but I have seen outward doors in Scandinavian TV shows. It seemed weird, but now I think I can see why.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I was at a quilt retreat in Lewiston, NY and only got about 5". We were sewing in the basement for 4 days, so we did not have to deal with anything except empty bobbins!