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Thursday, January 12, 2012

UFO Thursday - 1/12/12

I'm afraid there aren't going to be too many pictures today. You see when I went to grab the fabric I bought for this project it was no where to be found and I mean no where cuz I searched every "where" I could think of. Until... on the drive to work this morning, I think I remember putting the new fabric back in the drawer where the leftovers to this project were found. Humph...who puts stuff away where it belongs? Must have been the cats!

As you may recall from last week, my UFO for the month is my Blooming 9-Patch. When I went to take pictures last week I found the top was together and threatened to make you guys pick border fabric for me. Unfortunately, for you guys, when I layed out the scraps from making the center it was rather obvious to me where I should go with the borders. Yup - I went to the LQS!

The orange fabrics were both used in the quilt but I just felt there was already enough orange and eliminated them quickly. The fabric on the left is a pinky-purple that matched the pinky purple in the orange fabric on the far side  (I had bought it in case I wanted another round on the center) but it just doesn't match the purple in the center. I think there is plenty of the green in the foreground and I'm happy with that.

I purchased a half yard each of light and dark mottled purples to use for inner borders. Should I go simple and get it done or do something pieced? Unless someone has a simple pieced idea it's going to be something simple. I also bought a lime green for the binding. I think there will be enough scraps to piece the back, which I've never done but there's a first for everything...


Janet O. said...

I think that there is enough activity in the body of this quilt that I would be fine with a simple finish. But that is just mho. : )

Denise :) said...

I love the big floral fabric -- I think it's *perfect* for this quilt! I like the thought of a simple border instead of something pieced. :)

Michelle said...

I like it!!
Simple is better.
I also love to use the leftovers for my backings.

Me and My Stitches said...

Definitely simple!