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Friday, February 16, 2018

Feline Friday - 2/16/18

It's a good thing that GrandPoppa helped me get a Valentine's card for Momma!!

Cuz we have officially entered the Mud Season.

Has Momma ever told you the story of how "she trained me" to dry my furs off?

When I come inside she says "towel" and I sit on the towel that is kept on the floor. Then she says "man down" and I lay down so she can wrap me up and dry me off. It's the best kept secret to have Momma do most of the drying cuz it means half the licking for me! Woot!


Janet O. said...

A purr-fect Valentine AND a dry off routine? Someone is well trained!

hetty said...

That sounds like a perfect Valentine. And a dry off routine?!
Wow, you got it good!