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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Push It!

It's amazing how a little push can really make a project move forward.

I've told you that my hexie club is doing a UFO challenge for the first 6 months of the year. I spent most of January working on something else but really pushed myself to get this Christmas tree skirt going just about the time of our February meeting.

I've had section 1 of my tree skirt into 3 or 4 bits for years. I was able to get them into one complete section the weekend of our meeting. That meant it was time to start a new section. Each section has 36 diamonds but because it's a limited fabric pallet I've been picky about laying out the blocks to try to keep the project balanced. This is what has originally pushed me into thinking this was a stay at home project - how was I going to travel and keep the diamonds in the proper order?

Last weekend I spent all day Sunday on the couch. It had been a busy work week and I didn't want to push my luck with everyone around me getting sick - it was time to relax. Well, if you call stitching all day and binge watching This is Us season 1 relaxing than that is what I did and that allowed me to finish section 2 and get started on section 3.

Uh, Zorro, honey, the peeps can't seem Momma's project!

That's better!

And now I'm already 3/4 done with section 3. This pic was taken a couple days ago and since then I've completed the blue row that isn't on the design wall and as soon as I hit publish on this post I'll finish sewing the blue and white rows together. I've nearly gotten 2 sections done in 2 weeks! Woot!

With a three day weekend coming up who knows how much I'll be able to push through - I'm thinking nearly another section?

Sew!! What's the trick to pushing me full on back into this project? That's easy! My smart phone. I didn't have a smart phone when I first started this project but now I do. I can take a picture of the layout on my design wall and it's always handy for any project to make sure I'm putting it together in the proper order. It's amazing how this one "little" tool can really push a project forward so quickly.

Have all my references made you think of this video????!!!!! Sorry, Couldn't resist :)


Jo said...

Like the tree skirt coming together. As for the video. Oh no!!

Pamela said...

This looks great!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Beautiful quilt--Z was helping

Janet O. said...

Wow--you may have a beautiful, new tree skirt by Christmas!!
Nope, my mind didn't go to that video at all. How could it when I've never seen it before? Still haven't. :)

Vireya said...

The tree skirt is looking good! But I didn't think of that video because I had never seen it or heard the song before! I think I was a bit busy when that came out, studying full time and caring for a baby who never slept at night.