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Monday, February 26, 2018

Couch Time!

I've been making lots of progress on my hexie tree skirt!!!

You may recall from last Wednesday that I had section 4 almost done. I had wanted to finish it Friday night but I was just so run down that I gave up and went to bed early. That of course meant I woke up early. Well first I woke up at 3 when Z turned into a cuddlebug - on my pillow - but then I woke up again at 5 and there was no going back to sleep at that point so I got up and stitched.

Tada!! - we have no crossed the half way point with 4 done and 4 to go!

I quickly layed out the 5th section and got it started before we headed off to Ryan's hockey game and some shopping in the city.

Sunday was "supposed" to be spent on mass producing name badge holders but early on I got sucked into binge watching Criminal Minds and never really got off the couch other than to let the cat out and in and out and in and out and in until finally at the end of the day he took up his supervisory position and stayed still for a while.

It's hard to tell with his dark eyes but
I was getting the stink eye about his dinner accommodations...

As soon as I hit publish I'll be spending the rest of my lunch stitching a seam so that everything to the right of the left most reds is in one piece and that leaves just 2 more seams to have section #5 finished. Woot!

It will be a struggle tonight to get some housework done instead of finishing #5


Julierose said...

this will be a beautiful tree skirt--love it hugs, Julierose

Janet O. said...

I admire your persistence. It will be a wonderful tree skirt, but I am so glad I am not the one making it.
That photo of Z is priceless!! :)

Pamela said...

I love the tree skirt!

Jo said...

You are on a roll with the tree skirt. It is looking wonderful.