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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Bonnie show-n-tell pictures

Cathy, Bonnie and Sarah

This is one of the 2 minis made with Sister's Choice blocks made with 1.5" strips instead of 2.5". I just noticed today her color placement of the 9patches and star points. I might have to try that someday too. I was particularly intrigued with the border: really just a 3.5" strip plus a 1.5" square rotated every other strip. 

Love this Star Struck "mini" version - made with 1.5" strips instead of 2.5"

This is the pieced backing that I loved - it looks like a zipper!
The lady in the blue top made them and she suggested that you start with 2.5" strips as well as coordinating the side-by-side fabrics in the pieced back above. 
I would guess, depending on your quilt size, that 2 strips sewn side by side, subcut into 2.5" twosies and then sewn end to end would be the easiest way to accomplish this great backing.

Backing on a much larger quilt. I would guess this would be a great way to use 2 lengths of yardage for a backing. I couldn't really tell you anymore what the front was but I do remember that it coordinated nicely with the zipper backing.

I thought this was a nice setting for people who didn't care for the full Grand Illusion mystery pattern. There was another quilt that had replaced the center turq/yellow 4patch with a single fabric square which really changed the look of the overall quilt.
 I have my blocks started but they slowed due to the bustle of the holidays and then stalled when the final pattern didn't appeal to me.
And to think, I was this close to putting all the bits away and to the orphan bins just to get some countertop space back...

This is the new pattern I fell in love with called Fourplay. Check out the next photo, it's all four patches and sashing except it only uses 1" strips!!! I have an Omigosh quilt started so I can't start a Fourplay until I finish OMG. I best get those 1" strips out and get back to work!!
BTW - I really think the wide brown border sets off the busy center. I googled the pattern and it appears this quilt was based on an antique quilt which also had wide brown borders.

Sorry it's out of focus :-( 
I really like the color placement in some of these blocks - there are a lot of ways to manipulate what the eye sees with such strategic placement.


Denise :) said...

Wow! Y'all have a lot of talent in your area! Love the pic of you and Bonnie -- cropping skills and all! ;)

Missy Shay said...

How fun!

margaret said...

wow I say it can`t be easy working with such narrow strips very fiddly but so wonderful to see all that has been done with them

Chantal said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time with Miss Bonnie again. Such pretty quilts. Thank you for posting pics. I really like the zipper idea for a backing. I seldom have the huge cuts of fabric one needs for backing. Great to be able to use two different cuts and integrate them so well.