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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The Bibliophile Files - 6/2/15

Hello all and welcome to another rendition of The Bibliophile Files - my monthly report on the books I've read. I had hoped to finish Bones Never Lie last night is but alas with errands, the fire siren and a blackberry sangria cake to bake it just wasn't meant to be. Maybe tomorrow I'll have time. I certainly hope so 'cuz I wanna know whodunnit!

Cadillac Beach - please remember to take your ritalin before getting anywhere close to this book. The story line takes a lot of twists and turns and it can take some brain power to keep up but I promise it's a laugh a minute. This is the second book I've read in this series and I can't wait to order another. 
Black Order - this book had quite the slow start for me with a prologue that made me think I had read the wrong book description. It eventually became evident where the prologue fit in. Not my fav book but it belongs in a fairly new series to me (Sigma Force) so maybe this is their style.

Still on my stereo and about to be finished: Bones Never Lie

Still on my car stereo: Quaker Cafe - this book is an mp3 and only 1 disc long even tho it's 11 hours of reading. I think I'll have to find another mp3 book for my camping trip - I really don't like changing disks doing 75mph on the thruway or going over curvy mountain roads. It's a decent story so far about racial tensions in a small Quaker town. Strangly the reader is the same person who read the last racial tension book I read

Ok my friends, now it's turn to share your reads for the month. We want to hear about novels, cookbooks, magazines, new quilt books and even cereal boxes!!

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Denise :) said...

Lots of fun reads on your list this month! I'm reading Laura Childs' tea mystery series and Stephen King's Revival. :)