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Monday, June 01, 2015

Design Wall Monday - 6/1/15

I spent all of my rainy, chilly Sunday in my quilt studio. And I do mean ALL of my Sunday...I forgot just how slow and tedious it can be to sew 16 rows of a quilt together. In between rows I worked on my green rainbow scrappy blocks and played a "couple" of games of Spider Solitaire on the computer. LOL. I also spent considerable time drying off his highness every time he wanted back in the house for him to ring the bell to go back outside 5 minutes later. Little furry stinker =^..^=

I made cheese & choco danish to go with my tea (I told you it was chilly, right? Sunday's high was way less than Saturday's low). It was yummy but I think next time I would make only half the filling or make two danishes as it was pretty sweet. It was a super simple recipe: cream cheese brick + 1/4 cup sugar + a glug of vanilla, spread it over croissant dough, braid the sides and bake. I will be making this again!

Here is my quilt, accordian folded to make it easier to sew the very last seam. You can see my green RSC blocks in the background/on the design wall, amongst all the other goodies - mostly hexies, of course. I'll post a better pick of these and my D4P blocks soon.

And finally I had the last seam sewn and pressed open. Just before I collapsed on the couch with a little fluff ball I folded it in quarters for this shot. I'm not quite sure it's big enough tho - it's for Mom&Dad's bed but I want to sneak to their house and try it on for size. It's a secret! I know it's correct for the mattress but then I realized it might need to be bigger to fit 2 people under it!

Either way it's good enough for show-n-tell at a Bonnie Hunter class next weekend in Jamestown, NY. I started the red/white quilt at a class I took with Bonnie back in October.

See all y'all back here tomorrow for The Bibliophile Files!!


Julierose said...

Oh it's beautiful--I love all those creamy colors with the reds...nice finish!! Hugs, Julierose

KaHolly said...

Love your work, enjoyed your post! That Danish looks yummy. I want to learn more about the furry creature who rings a bell to be let outside?

Janet O. said...

That Danish looks deadly! : )
Great job sticking with the row job on your quilt. That can be tedious, but you did it!

margaret said...

Mum and Dad are going to love this, and so are those who will be lucky enough to be at the show and tell

Karen H said...

Love the red and white quilt. Sure hope that it is big enough for the bed!

Your design wall has so many interesting projects and of course I love those made with hexagons!

Missy Shay said...

How pretty! I made my quilt bigger also so that we wouldn't be fighting over it! LOL

Dar said...

The danish looks yummy - especially now as it's late and I haven't eaten for hours. lol. Your red/cream quilt looks great. I'll look for you on the BH show and tell video she always puts up. Have fun.