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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesdays in my Gardens

Empty spot on the bottom shelf is where his highness likes to sit and look out the window. I had the choice of making him space or having him jump to the top shelf and messing with the plants and the salt dips on the windowsill.

Luckily my house has this lovely bump out at the end of my ridiculously large living room (14'x24' - back when it was a parsonage it was actually 2 rooms). The bump out adds another 2 feet to the room and faces northeast which my violets appear to love.

I'm a brown-thumbed gardener, at best, both in the house and out, but somehow I got it right again with the violets since several of them are in bloom or about to bloom.

Everyone needs a gnome in their garden!!

You can see that many of the plant pots are in plastic dishes, which makes watering easier from the bottom, and most have some kind of plant stake, partly for decoration and partly to make sure they stay rotated. It's been a while since any of them were rotated so I need to get back into that now that the summer sun has graced us.

I love the purple spots on the plant on the left - I think when I bought it it even had one full purple blossom.

I know that several need to be re-potted and removed of suckers but I just haven't gotten to it yet since they always seem to struggle after I do that. Not sure why...could be that brown thumb!

 I was trying to figure out why the plant on the left had curled leaves when I discovered more buds. Whoo Hoo.
I think the plant on the right is my fav but I couldn't find the label on the pot...
I keep saying I am going to take pictures of the blossoms and label the pots better but it never happens. Do any of you have violet tips to share?  


Janet O. said...

You have some beautiful violets, Sarah.
My understanding is that when they have been repotted they go into a state of shock--or something akin to it--for a while as they re-establish themselves. Completely normal. I'm no expert, but that is what I have gathered from my reading. After repotting I place the plant in a large ziploc bag, which I keep closed for a couple of weeks. Then I open the zipper and leave it that way for a couple more weeks. It makes a gradual transition that eases the "shock" of transplanting a little bit.

I have 12 potted violets and a leaf clippings starter dome that is usually full of new starts.

Missy Shay said...

How pretty, I have to hang all of my pots because my cats eat them.

Chantal said...

Miracle Gro makes a liquid feed for African Violets which they just love. I know they don't like being watered at night or "having their feet wet" at night. Watering in the morning seems to be what they prefer. Also watering less, more often works well for me and mine. I think you have a terrific display of violets. Such pretty little plants.

Karen H said...

That pink violet is gorgeous! I was pleased to see that you have left a nice little space for his royal highness to curl up! It's only right.