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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

WyCo Clerk's Association Party

Last night was the quarterly Clerk's Association Christmas party at my house. The association bought pizza & wings and everyone brought appetizers and desserts - I think we could have fed twice as many people. Before James Tammaro, State Archives, spoke about the next round of Local Goverment Efficiency Grants and minutes indexing, Santa joined us to distribute gifts in a relatively low key game of "Dirty Santa". I think fun was had by all and I know I had fun sharing my "new" house with everyone - Merry Christmas Girls!!!!

Clockwise from far right: Michelle from Eagle, Kristen and Amanda from Attica, Lisa from Gainesville and Carol from Sheldon.
Clockwise from far right: Sandy from Arcade, Jean from Genesee Falls, Jim Tammaro, Vicki, Marie Elena and Denise (Mom) from Castile and Wendy from Pike.

Friday, December 04, 2009

no pictures

There's actually lots going on here but no pictures...ultimately most of it is to get ready for a party at my house Monday for the Wyoming County Clerk's Association which is held quarterly in towns around the county. Mom is actually sponsoring this one at my house since she is Castile Clerk (and retiring in 3 weeks!) and I am Perry Clerk but we both live in Castile. Got that?

Amongst everything else I am also trying to work on Carolina Christmas - it's slow going on my part so far but can't wait to see how it turns out...

We finished painting the walls, putting in the red oak flooring and rehanging the inner door that needed to be flipped 180 degrees in the foyer. All that's left is the coat "rack" shelf but I don't have enough antique doorknobs yet. This house has only 3 closets - one for my bedroom, one in the bath and a "pantry" off the kitchen. That mean's there is no place to hang coats. We are going to install doorknobs under the shelf to hang coats. Not sure when we will get it done but I hope fairly soon since I am sick of throwing my coat on a chair.

Dad and I also finished building an ottoman. He built a box, I bought the foam, legs and upholstery fabric. There will be a picture of this as soon as the sun shines while I am home - it looks awesome, if I say so myself.

Christmas decorations are coming along. This is really the first year I have decorated for Christmas. There was never the need when I lived in Miami since I always came home and didn't want the cats to destroy a tree while I was gone. There was nothing much to decorate with last year. Now I have two trees - one with sewing decorations - and my santa collection plus the lights outside. I also raided mom's stash.

Oh gosh - almost forgot the other big news. Santa already delivered one of my gifts - a new driveway!!! Not a big deal for some but the previous owner must have never driven her car and the grass grew over the gravel so my car just created ruts. I can't wait for it to be finished.

So that was really long and boring cuz there are no pictures...soon, I promise...