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I suppose the first place to start is by saying that, yes, the technique is technically called English Paper Piecing (well, really, the English call it something else) but early on I decided to boil it down to calling them all Hexies and therefore this is my Hexiology Anthology.

Second I hope you'll stop by on the 17th of every month for our Hexie Linky Party, affectionally called HeLP for Hexie-aholics!!

Lemmo know if there is something you think I should add...

Oh and BTW...just because I could....

Looking for supplies??

  • All my papers come from paperpieces.com. They also have templates for fussycutting.
  • Mickey Depre of Pieced Hexies fame has her 2nd book coming out in January! Don't forget Mickey's templates too.


My finished projects:
  • CW doll quilt
  • jean jacket
  • kindle case
  • Obsession
  • star blossom #1
My current projects:
  • bathroom floor
  • black eyed susan doll quilt
  • Cherrywood doll quilt
  • Cherrywood runner
  • glow in the dark star
  • Hexathon
  • owl (Rose Star)
  • pieced runner
  • puzzle
  • Salt & Pepper
  • sparkle santa
  • star blossom #2
  • teapot/cardtrick
  • tumblers
  • twist
  • Xmas tree banner


Julierose said...

I hope to be in shape (hexagonal, of course), to post on this month's 17th...now that Steven's quilt is almost done, perhaps I can revive Monsieur Monet --he's been dozing in Upper Hexagonia... have to awaken him....love all your projects--you are so good!! You actually finish!! hugs, Julierose

Julierose said...

Well, I took out my Monet's garden and --it went back--I don't like it anymore!! Waaaah!! So, will have to either: take it apart (no way--too tedious!!) or just applique it down on another piece of fabric--that sounds better (ya think?? lol)
I am needing to start another hexie project for the Spring baseball games' watching, and the summer deck sitting...I WILL be back--honest...hugs, Julierose (missing in hexagonia mountains!!)

Julierose said...

Ohmygosh--has it been TWO years ago I was going to do hexie work??? Well, this is definitely THE Summer as I can no longer make big projects, my big quilts are just about all done--(just binding and label on Jeff's left).
I have what's left of my Monet out on my spare room bed--I had pulled a lot of it apart, I think maybe I'll just applique it by hand on a cloth and call 'er done. I need someone to hold my feet to the fire...just sayin' hugs, Julierose