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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy was a dud

The storm turned out to be a dud for my area which is not to say that people outside my county aren't  flooded and still out of power. But we just sat there and said when is the storm gonna get here? I didn't even lose power altho I had made a batch of brownies, just in case...

Anyway, even tho I had a ton to do it turned into a lazy evening watching The Hunger Games. I was going to insert an old picture of Squeaky being lazy but I think I am out of storage space.

I'll have to look into deleting old photos or does anyone know if you can resize old photos and Blogger will auto update with the smaller sized ones in the blog posts? Not sure when I will have this problem fixed so please bear with me if there are no more posts for a while. I'll come up with something for Feline Friday but that might be it for the week...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Design Wall Monday - 10/29/12

Well, here we are preparing for Hurricane Sandy!! Yeh...I am well inland but the wind and rain is still supposed to be significant for our area. My brother works for Rochester Gas & Electric and they are already working double shifts. Any time now the wind is supposed to pick up and it's already been raining  for several days so flooding can be expected. Thankfully I am not downstate where NYC is about to get slammed.

Yup - I'm a weather nut and love to watch all this crazyness unfold.

Among other things, I of course worked on hexies over the weekend...

Why yes...that is a paw of approval!
 And if the weather goes really wrong, I can work more on hexies because I have a headlamp and lotsa batteries!! LOL.

Stay dry out there...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Feline Friday - 10/26/12

Momma installed new birdie-vision!!!

What has your momma done for you lately? Inquiring kitties want to know!

There seems to be some problems with linking up today. Please let me know of any problems so I can try to get them fixed and if you want to send me your link, I'll link you up. Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE - it appears that my layout today (side by side pictures) was the culprit. I've changed the layout and hope this helps...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Mish Mash

Just a few random photos I wrassled up for y'all...

This is the doll quilt I bought at the quilt show and it was only $5! Can you find the "mistake"?

On the left is my door prize - a block of the month pattern ... I was thinking it might make a good blog giveaway someday...

On the right is the pattern I bought since I can't attend the class. I've just been using an old gold sheet or fabric for a tree skirt but I think this will be much classier.

This is the pear tree in my yard...for the longest time it was just green and then I noticed this morning that it's now very colorful. Unfortunately the sky wasn't cooperating early today but now that it's 79F out (!) the sky is a gorgeous cloudless blue. It also smells like chocolate outside - it must be chocolate chip cookie day at the local cookie factory. Heaven in Perry :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This is just a drill

Given what happened in town just a few weeks ago, you are probably going to question why we went ahead with this drill but this was an excellent opportunity we don't often have dropped in our laps and we decided to go forward with it for the benefit of all the local deparments.

At some point this summer one of the local farmers offered us a house that he would otherwise be tearing down and trucking away. With the stipulation that he remove the shingles and vinyl siding we agreed to burn the house for him. The location was perfect for us as it was in the middle of a corn field and would not adversly affect any neighbors.

We again had many fire departments on scene, including several members of the distant department one of our former members now belongs to. We (I use this term loosely as I don't do burning buildings but I was on scene as an EMT and watching my brother run the pumper) took the opportunity to learn Perry's aerial truck in case they cannot get a crew together. New members and any one else interested were taken into the house in groups where small fires were set and the men and women could practice putting out the fire.

After about 2.5 hours of drills we set the house on fire and just watched her burn. I am sure the people driving by wondered why 50 firemen were staring at a burning building with all their cameras out but again it was an interesting opportunity to watch how a fire burns and to see how the wind blew the fire right back into the house.

All told, the house was burned into the basement within an hour and as of yesterday, the trees have been removed and you would never know a house and yard were in that particular field.

Can you see how the wind is blowing the flames in thru the front windows and over the roof?

Thankfully no one was injured during the drill, they were all well fed again and newbies and oldies alike got to practice their skills.

I had some short videos but they don't seem to be uploading...sorry.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Batavia Quilt Show

This weekend I went to the quiltshow of one of the local guilds. There were lots of nice quilts but I'll just share my fave five! I even won a doorprize, which I will share at another time cuz I forgot to photograph it this morning.

And then we went thru the vendor area. I only bought one pattern and a doll quilt in the boutique, which I again forgot to photograph thanks to my migraine this morning but it was very cute. The whole day only cost me $20!

Unfortunately as I was perusing the booth of a LQS I discovered something very unsettling. I was looking over their hexie wares and what did I discover but a kit to make one of MY quilts. In the kit were all the fabrics to make the top - they are different fabrics but in the same colors. There was even a picture of my quilt. This is the store that asked to borrow three of my hexie quilts to display in their booth at a prominent local quilt show and then asked me to teach a class on a fourth project.

There was never any mention that they would sell kits that would include pictures of my quilt. They didn't ask my permission nor did they ask the source of the pattern - it's not my pattern but comes from The Civil War Sewing Circle by Kathleen Tracy - and I don't recall that either is documented in the kits.

I am honored that they wanted to copy my quilt but my question for everyone is if I somehow implied permission for this store to create kits by lending them my quilt or should they have asked me?

I am calmer now and ready to write an email to the store but I am not sure what I should say to them. Help!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Design Wall Monday - 10/22/12

I didn't have a lot of time for sewing this weekend but I was able to put together three arrowhead blocks.

You are problably thinking that this is no big deal as I've made the block several times before but take a look at this! The little ones are made from charm squares. I had bought light and dark charm square packs for another project but felt this was much more fun.

I was making the arrowhead blocks as a leaderender for my leaderender basket blocks...can a LE really be a LE for another LE?? At what point is it no longer a leaderender?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Feline Friday - 10/19/12

Some time ago, thru a Feline Friday link, I saw a blog that was using a basket as the basis for a cat bed. I thought it was pretty clever but didn't have quite the right basket. You see, I have three cats and 2 cat beds which is not to say there are also 2 cat ottomans and a cat rocking chair plus a human ottoman, couch, loveseat, bed, etc, etc. No matter what, they all want the cat bed by the space heater and the rocking chair by the window.

Well, now I think I'm clever too cuz I took an old wooden drawer selvaged from the fire and made it into a cat bed with a towel. There was some bribery with toys and treats for the past week but this morning both my chunka-monkas decided it was a neato place to lounge. Now they can fight over this "prime seat" as well! It's always 'move it and lose it' around here. LOL!

Okay kitties - time to let us know what you have been up to this week. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall flowers

I went out the front door this morning to capture the yellow leaves left on the maple tree and the pretty blue sky.

As I was standing there, I realized that the pot on the porch steps (that did nothing all summer) has now flowered, despite a hard frost last week.

So then I decided to take a couple other pictures to share. This purple delphinium always blossoms again in the fall - love that!

And I waited for this white phlox to blossom all summer but it waited for fall...not sure if that was becasue it was a transplant or just a fall variety.

By this point I was out of time but I bet the sedum would have been pretty too...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

HeLP for Hexie-aholics!

Hello my friends! I just know you have been waiting on pins and needles for today's post. I've also been excited, waiting to see what y'all have been working on since last month's HeLP.

First off is the doll quilt I also shared on Monday:

I've made some progress on my Hexagon Puzzle. It's really fun to piece together all kinds of scraps - whether batik, vintage, civil war, bright, stripe, floral or whatever.

Pieces that I have attached so far - I hope to maintain this diamond shape,
 altho I am not sure what the final project will be.

QCO Midgie checking out the new puzzles laid out

I have a pile of kites and triangles ready at all times to baste as well as some basted bundles to make the puzzle centers. This project seems to go fast but also slow because I need to make progress on this for a class and I am running out of time.

I also started a new project - are you surprised? I have had the papers to make a 9" card trick block since early summer but hadn't come up with a quilt idea or fabric yet. I was trying to think of something to demo for the recent shop hop and next to me was the fabric I bought last week in Penn Yan. One of which was this yummy teapot fabric - I bought the last 2 FQs at the store! Well, there were some fabrics in the same pile that coordinated with the tea pots. I won't go as far to say that they match but they do coordinate. I'll probably do 4 card trick blocks and then a simple border. Or maybe I should stick with one block and a really big border? Or maybe the teapots should be the back so you can see all of them without chopping them off. Who knows...

Anywho...now it's your turn! Show us what you have been working on since last month's Hexie Linky Party. We don't care if you have a new project, a stalled project, a sketch or an antique. Tips are welcome too. We are hexie-aholics and we need a fix! Just remember to link to a specific post, or multiple posts, and not your blog as a whole. Lemme know if you need help with this.

Happy Hexies and the next party is Saturday, 11/17/12.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

another table runner

Seems like I've mostly been doing hexies lately to get ready for some classes and other projects. I wanted to save them for the Hexie Linky Party tomorrow (!) so I'll share another table runner I made recently.

These are sew quick to make and get quilted that I really could whip up a few more of these. They are made from 3 FQs and heaven knows I have lots of those around here somewhere     :^)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Design Wall Monday - 10/15/12

This weekend I finished putting the top together for this little doll quilt. It was pretty dark when I wanted to take pictures so I had few photo staging ops...sorry.

I have enough of the purple stripe for the back but I am not sure what to bind it with... What do you think about using the blue inner border fabric for a Binding? I could also get more of the background fabric - it's a little busier than I am used to but it does pull the purples, blues and neutrals together. I could always find something else to use...

And don't forget - HeLP for Hexie-Aholics will be this Wednesday, 10/17/12. Break out your hexie projects and share them with us. We don't care if it's a new project (like I have to share) or an old UFO - give us some inspiration!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Feline Friday - 10/12/12

I try to have my machine serviced every year. When you spend that much money on a machine, you need to keep it in top top shape. Recently tho, it hasn't been making the "right" noises when it starts up (you Bernina owners will know what I mean) and the left/right positioning of the needle hasn't worked consistently either.

I drove down to Penn Yan Sewing Machines this past Monday to get my machine fixed. Yeh, it's about 1.5 hours away but when I can make an appointment to be serviced within 3 hours, it's well worth the drive over leaving my machine some place closer for 2 weeks. And Penn Yan is a nice place to toodle around in - all the quilt and fabric stores, the bulk food stores and it's in the Finger Lakes.

Anyway, PYSM is run by a Mennonite family who sells Berninas. They also service many other brands, including treadles. I was expecting to pay a few bucks to get the problem fixed but they replaced the circuit board for free! I just had to pay the cleaning fee. Woot Woot!

Anyway, now that Squeaky has performed a full cat scan we are back in full working order and I can get some work done this weekend - and the list is long my friends...the list is long....

Ok, time to share what your felines are up to. Pepper, Midgie, Squeaky and I hope all your machines are in working order and you have an excellent weekend!

Don't forget that HeLP for Hexie-aholics is next Wednesday...get all those hexie projects out so we can see what you are working on!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Random photo

Nothing exciting on the quilting front today so I'll share this shot from my office door Tuesday.

This huge monstrosity is HALF of a propane tank headed for Pennsylvania. There are 11 more halves to be sent to PA but the sheriff I spoke to wasn't sure if they were all taking the same route.

Thankfully, she (yup, driver was a lady!) didn't come thru a week ago - there is no way she could have made the detours around the fire scene with this 12 axeled "trailer" which was really in 3 pieces. I hope you can see that the tank is nearly twice as tall as the semi.

At first we thought they were stopping because it couldn't make the hill but it turned out they were ahead of schedule and had to pause for a few minutes.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I finally finished quilting and binding my basket quilt! Woohoo!

This is Matilda, my doll from the early 1970's in my mother's toy high chair from the 40s or 50s. Any one have ideas on how to clear up "cataracts" and nappy hair? Nothing I have tried has worked really well.

I've enjoyed making these 4" blocks so much they are my current leader ender project. I have about 25 blocks made of the basket on the lower left and pieces already cut for a dozen more. I am debating on making some of the other blocks to mix in or just sticking with all the same block.

Don't forget next week is HeLP for Hexie-a-holics. Get your hexie projects out and let us know what you are working on next Wednesday, 10/17/12.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Mail Call!

Sew...I finally made it to the post office this past weekend and what do I find but two squishies mixed in with the junk and bills.

First up was more selvages from Janet - she's been a regular supplier for a few months now and I love seeing what she is up to. I don't think once I have received a selvage from a fabric I also own...there are just too many out there :)

And there there was the monstrous box from Julie - thank god for flat rate boxes because this girl knows how to stuff a box.

As soon as I opened the end, it was exploding out of the box.

And just to explore what was there, I dumped it into one of the drawers I salvaged from the fire (they were going to be tossed for smoke damage and I wanted the fancy drawer pulls)

Yes, this drawer IS quite large and it's overflowingl!!!

You guys are the best and I can't wait to start playing with all the new colors for my selvage collection :)

Friday, October 05, 2012

Feline Friday - 10/5/12

Some bunny hasn't been feeling well and tucked herself in for a little nap...sew glad those pillows were there!

What are your little furry one's up to? Please add your link below but please remember to link to a specific post and not your blog in general.

Thursday, October 04, 2012


I live in the small town of Castile, a community, if you will, in the heart of rural Western New York.

I am a part of my community. I own a house and pay taxes. I am lieutenant and an EMT in the Castile Fire Department and Rescue Squad. I am in the CFD Ladies Auxiliary. I am trustee and secretary for the Cordelia A Green Library. I am Vice President for the Castile Historical Society. I am a member of the Wednesday Club. I have an account at the Bank of Castile. I have a PO box at the post office. I buy gas at Ackerman's, groceries at Carney's and pizza at Al's. I attend community events at the Castile United Church of Christ. I support the restoration of the Doughboy statue. I am a Castilian!

At 1:46am Tuesday morning, the fire siren sounded for smoke near Lorraine's restaurant. As I started to briskly walk the one block to the fire hall I could see smoke in the vicinity. As I got closer I could see the ominous orange glow in the smoke. Lorraine's was attached to the town hall; housing the town, village, assessor, zoning and court offices. There was also one apartment over the restaurant. Ultimately, the entire block was lost as was the restaurant owner who resided in the apartment. The building was brick over wood with gorgeous galvanized steel trim (we all thought the trim was wood) and had been built in 1882. It was one of our last historic business buildings. The story made the national NBC news ticker.

One of the many reporters on the scene liked my "I heart Castile" pin and wanted to interview me. She asked about community and I now have no idea what I babbled about but I have thought about it since.

Community is taking a half an hour to walk down the street because there are so many neighbors out to catch up with. Community is being able to walk to all the stores and businesses you really need. Community is having your friends and family live close by.

But community is a lot more than that.

Community is the 24 VOLUNTEER fire departments on scene - many for 17+ hours. I'm not talking a city department that has just 1 or 2 trucks. I'm talking departments with up to 5 trucks on scene and dozens of firemen and firewomen. Community is also the 17 other departments on stand by around our county. These volunteers came from 7 counties. Some of them came back on the second day for the continued investigation and demolition; some of them even had a barn fire in the middle of the night and still came back. Some of these men and women were paid by their employers for community service hours. Some had to take sick or vacation days to be there. Some may not have been paid at all.

Community is the bank offering office space and supplies until a new office can be built. Community is your fellow town and village clerks calling from near and far to assist with re-establishing offices with supplies, equipment and manhours.

Community is the anonymous donor who went to the grocery store and paid for any food and drinks we would need to feed so many firemen. Community is the church making more food and open for prayer. Community is the homeowners who brought hot food and homemade cookies to the firemen working on their streets. Community is the family of the victim bringing us even more food to thank us.

Community is even the people watching from across the street - yes, the gawkers - because it's their community too.

I learned a few things too but I'll save them for another time. Just promise me one thing - go replace your smoke alarm battery and then replace it again every time you change the clocks.

And don't forget to thank your local firemen! Please don't thank me. I want you to thank your local firemen, because they are a part of your community!

Monday, October 01, 2012

Design Wall Monday - 10/1/12

Just a quickie shot for you guys today. The hexie color blends with the table top but I am really liking this scrappy project...and not just because it's getting me to trim my scraps!

I've got another stack of fabric pieces to baste and trust me I was glad to have something to work on at the doctor's this morning. I had an appointment that should not have taken 30 minutes and I was there over 2 hours...ughghghghgh.