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Bibliophile Files

This year I've committed myself to 2 reading challenges!
You can always check up on the books I'm reading at Goodreads.

Challenge #1 is to read a book that fits the prompt. Sadly I can't remember where I stole the idea from after my favorite librarian pointed it out to me.

January a book with a color in the title
February a book that is also a movie
March a book with a nature word in the title
April a book that has been sitting on the shelf
May a children's or YA book
June a book with a place in the title
July newest unread book on your shelf
August a fantasy book
September written before 1950
October a thriller or mystery book
November a biography
December a Christmas themed book

Challenge #2 is what I am calling Spell that Place. I stole it from this website.

For 2020 I'm using Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein, South Africa.

The gist is that for each of the 44 letters, I need to choose a book that has a word in the title that starts with that letter.

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