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Friday, May 28, 2021

Feline Friday - 5/28/21

I've taken on a side hustle! I suppose it's the least I can do for eating the neighbor cat's food.

I'm now inspecting the neighbor's flower gardens, especially the blackberry bushes!!!! 

Momma says I have to tell you the following as a full disclosure kind of thing:
  • This picture was taken a month ago. Not only are the plants all much bigger but please don't confuse it with today's weather which is rain and 38F. Yes, a "blue day" at the end of May! Brrrrr.
  • I like to rub my face against anything that's mine and I often come home with short lacerations to my nose. Momma thinks it might be from rubbing against the spiky berry bushes. I ain't admitting to nothing!
Happy Memorial Day!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wednesday Weather Reports #209 & #210 - 5/26/21

Not much to report here on my end. I haven't been getting much stitching done as I've been out and about for one reason or another quite a bit recently, including working on a 434 mile (virtual) walking challenge. I'm getting lots of reading done but not much else. I started 5 weeks later than most of the participants so there is lots of catching up to do on the 4 month event. 

May 12 - 18, 2021
56 - 62 - 65 - 68 - 66 - 71 - 74 F

Just in case you think I'm totally bonkers for doing such a challenge ... I totally am but it's beyond motivational!! My long game is that, thanks to the broken foot last summer, I haven't climbed a mountain or done much of anything since 2019 and I need to build my stamina back up before my annual summer camping & hiking trips.

May 19 - 25, 2021
80 - 86 - 85 - 78 - 75 - 68 - 81 F

I'm looking forward to this coming long weekend for a little extra time to catch up on stitching and mileage. What are you doing this weekend?!

Friday, May 21, 2021

Feline Friday - 5/21/21

Momma promised (again!) to catch up on her temperature hexies this weekend and post them next week. Instead she has been working on this test pattern for a friend. What you are seeing is actually two blocks tessellated and filled out on the sides. It looks way more complicated than it really is, it just took Momma a while to finally settled on a design.

As you can see it's on "my" dolly bed but I don't plan to sleep there any time soon.

Instead, I'll be outside working on my summer tan!!! We have been in the high 80's this week - what else is such a fine feline supposed to be doing?

Friday, May 14, 2021

Feline Friday - 5/14/21

Did you know my luxurious, silky, furs are really brown? Especially in the sun?
It shows up better IRL - internet pictures don't do it justice at all.

Same goes for my eyes - much more stunning in real life!

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Thursday Weather Report #208 - 5/13/21

Can you believe that this week marks the fourth anniversary of my Weather Reports? 
I can't either! 

I'd like to say that I took (found?) the time to catch up on my temperature hexies but I didn't. 
Instead I've been stitching like a mad woman on a test project I'm doing for an online friend.

 Kerri had PaperPieces produce the papers and then asked on Instagram for anyone that wanted to test them. I had never tested a pattern of any type so I quickly raised my hand without thinking of all the other deadlines I had looming. Our deadline was May 1st but that, luckily, got bumped to 5/15 and I am expecting it to get bumped again due to production delays and pattern changes. 

Each tester was given enough papers to make 4 "blocks." Some of the testers made blocks and appliqued them on backgrounds but I saw the opportunity to tessellate the blocks together and ran with it to make a doll quilt. I changed my layout at least 3 times - I'm such a slow "designer" as I like to let a project speak to me as I work on each part, about what to do next. I'm currently confident that I'll be able to finish the top by this weekend so I can catch up on some other projects before I work on quilting it next week. 

May 5 - 11, 2021
47 - 50 - 45 - 51 - 52 - 51 - 48 F

Friday, May 07, 2021

Feline Friday - 5/7/21

This is what Momma calls her furry weighted blanket:

I call it hard work getting her to concentrate on her hexie test project.

After a while I convert to the mini-weighted blanket.

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Wednesday Weather Report #207 - 5/5/21

I have a little issue with my temperature project... 
I'm out of papers!!!!


OK, I'm not really out - it's more like they are all being used because I haven't pulled the papers out in many, many, many, many weeks worth of daily temps. Just something else on the honey do list that doesn't seem to get done until it's absolutely necessary. Tell me I'm not the only one with this problem?

April 28 - 30, 2021 :: 70 - 50 - 46 F
May 1 - 4, 2021 :: 50 - 64 - 64 - 69 F

The Bibliophile Files - 5/4/21

It makes a body feel old when they start a blog post, Chrome is accidentally closed and the post is totally forgotten until after 9pm when there is no way to finish it at home. Me. Yes. I'm feeling old and forgetful. Or maybe I can just blame it on a busy work day. Sure. That sounds good! 

At least I haven't forgotten to read books. I think I had a pretty good month, especially given that some of these books were much longer than my usual. I'm actually ahead of schedule for my annual goal - something I haven't been able to say in many years until after I go camping.

The dotted line indicates when I finished my Spell that Place challenge. In case you are unfamiliar with my challenges: first I pick a place with a long name (This year I chose Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta, which is a train station in India) from this website list and then I read (28) books where the first letter of a book title word corresponds with a letter in the place name. It's much easier to do than to explain. 

     The Want-Ad Killer - A true crime novel. Gruesome and interesting at the same time but I really expected more about the want-ad aspect given it's in the title. It wasn't his main method of kidnapping women but he eventually was caught/convicted and is still in prison (if we believe Wiki) at the age of 93.
     Trace of Evil - oh look another book with Evil in the title. LOL. Finishing my annual challenge always brings out the weird titles at the end when I need to find 8 books that are A or E books. 
     The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes -- prequal to the Hungar Games series - it explains a lot!
     Just Watch Me - written by the same author who wrote the Dexter TV series. This is book #1 in the series and I almost immediately read the second book. I'm really hoping there will be a third book this year.
     Through the Evil Days - great book from a great series. The book takes place from 2 perspectives, really 2 ends, of the same investigation.
     Fool Me Twice - this is book #2 to Just Watch Me.
     The Brontë Plot - a leftover from last year's SYNC season. It's definitely a YA book with young love and a predictable ending but a nice, easy read.
     Come On In - 15 short stories on immigration - the first book from the new SYNC season. It was a nice reminder that immigration isn't always sneaking across a dessert or ocean to get into another country.

     The Whistler

And now it's your turn? What are you reading? What should I read?
Anything counts: novel, magazine, quilt pattern or cereal box!