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Friday, August 30, 2013

Feline Friday - 8/30/13

Momma thinks she has taught me a new trick.

It's kinda the same old trick but I'm gonna let her think it's cool for a little while and then I'll "forget" the trick!

Years ago Momma taught us that when she rang the cow bell, we should all go to the kitchen cuz she was gonna dish up some wet snacks. Now we just come running without the bell.

Last week I was out in the garden enjoying a few blades of grass and Momma didn't want to get her toes wet to come out and drag me back inside so she decided to ring the cow bell. Lucky for Momma there were wet treats when I came inside cuz it hasn't happened the next 2 times. I am going to forget pretty soon...

What tricks do you know?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The ADK is never far away...

I think I survived the hexie hop :) Now I just need to decide what new projects to work on! Oh yeah, that's gonna be easy...

In the meantime, let me tell you about my latest camping trip!! Yipper, I made the hop, skip and a jump back up to the Adirondacks last weekend to crash with my parents and my brother's family. No tent this time; I let them fight over who's camper I slept in. As usual, the boys won!

The puppy (he's a double doodle) had a good time playing in the sand and chewing sticks.

And the boys had a ball in the mud. Oh to be 5 and 8 again!

The photo I really wanted was everyone around the campfire with their digital devices. Between the 7 of us there were 3 kindles, 3 tablets, 2 smart phones, 2 stupid phones and an Ipad. Dad only had a stupid phone - He likes a good old fashioned newspaper. Maybe next year...

Most of the rest of the trip was just hanging around with occasional walks, running into town to the new quilt store and a last minute trip to the beach. You can guess what I was doing the rest of the time??!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Be a Hexie Queen - Day #7

As always happens - we are sad to see something end but kinda happy too - I can't take too many more great ideas. I really had a wonderful time perusing 75 new project ideas. Now if only I could get them all done...I'll just have to settle for starting a few new UFOs. LOL. Check back at the next HeLP  on 9/17/13 and maybe I'll have a new project to share :^)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Be a Hexie Queen - Day #5

Wow - another day of hexie ideas on the Hop - I can't wait to dig in! What have you found that you just can't resist? I hope to see some good projects at the next HeLP!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Be a Hexie Queen - Day #4 = My turn!!!!!!

For those that haven't been here before - Welcome!

I've been hexing for about 2 and a half years and as much as I tell people that I don't like hand work, I make all my hexies by hand because they are sew portable. I can carry everything I need for several projects in my little zippered bag and it keeps me busy during lunch, while watching a DVD at home or even camping!

Camping in the Adirondack Mountains.

Here at sarah did it! we host a monthly linky party called HeLP for Hexie-aholics. HeLP stands for Hexie Linky Party but we invite all EPP shapes and sizes to participate. The party is held on the 17th of each month (because that's my birthday!) so please check out this month's entries and I hope y'all will come back and link up next month.

We also host a weekly linky party called Feline Friday featuring my clowder. I hope my fellow feline lovers enjoy today's project with a little help from the felines...

My project was based on a dollar and a dream...
Yipper - I stole the quote from the NYS Lotto but when you find a perfectly good jean jacket at a yard sale for just $1, there's no way to leave it behind!

Last Spring I had purchased a small bag of 6" batik squares - mostly for another hexie project but also because of the purple hexie batik. Except you can't make much with only 6". At a recent quilt show I found the same fabric and bought a fat quarter. I was excited until I got home and discovered the FQ was more pink than purple. I like the fabric enough but there was no way I was putting pink on my jacket! I dug in to my meager stash and found another batik in similar colors that I could feature on the front yoke panels and someday I'll add the fabric to the cuffs as well.

Yes, colored candies are very useful when planning color placement.
Pepper - leave the candies alone please!
I adore pieced hexies and designed the panels as I went. It takes me a while to play with the possibilities but it sure is fun. I still have several other ideas rolling around in my head in case I find more jackets.

Midgie is tucked in the quilt, offering moral support!

Once a panel was ready to apply to the jacket, I pinned tissue paper in place and used a bone folder to trace inside the seams.

I removed the basting and ironed out all the hexie seam allowances before trimming the panel

I then used my tissue template to trim the hexie panel, adding a 1/2" seam allowance.

Yikes - maybe too many pins!

After ironing the seam allowance to the back, I pinned the panel in place with lots of pins and used my Bernina #38 piping foot to topstich the panel in place because one side of the foot is shorter than the other and rode nicely on the thick jean seams.

Sometimes I needed to use these plastic thingers that came with my machine to evenly ride over a seam intersection but when it was all done, my QCO was happy to check my work!

What do you think Squeaky?

If you decide to hexify a jacket I would love to see it!

Thank y'all sew much to Mdm Samm and Debby for sponsoring this Hop and a special thanks to Pat at Life in the Scrapatch for all her hop tips! Don't forget to visit the other hexie-ologists on today's list!