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Friday, March 29, 2019

Feline Friday - 3/29/19

Zorro!  You are worse than a peeping Tom, spying on the neighbors and their little dogs!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wednesday Weather #97 - 3/27/19

The weather people are calling for 50 degrees today and tomorrow - I'm not sure that Mother Nature got that memo but I suppose anything is possible.  I've also heard we could get a little snow this weekend. Since I just learned that the last snow is a great time to seed the lawn, guess what I might be doing this weekend!? LOL. I've never seen anyone do it but I've heard it from 2 sources so it has to be worth a try. The melting snow provides moisture for the seeds as well as drawing it down into the soil.

March 13-19, 2019
43 - 63 - 51 - 32 - 31 - 35 - 38  F
March 20-26, 2019
48 - 49 - 35 - 30 - 46- 36 - 35 F
There has been a definite warming trend int he last couple of weeks so, other than a possible last snow, it does appear that Spring is firmly on the horizon!!!

March 1-26, 2019

How's your weather? Is it warming up or cooling down as it's supposed to or is your summer/winter holding on with a firm grip?

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Friday, March 22, 2019

Feline Friday - 3/22/19

I can be a good nursemaid!!

When I want to.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Wednesday Weather Report #96 - 3/20/19

Today's Weather Report is cancelled due to a stomach bug.
We'll return next week...

Sunday, March 17, 2019

HeLP for Hexie-aholics - 3/17/19

Hello and welcome to all my favorite Hexie-aholics!!!

I figure everyone is pretty tired of seeing Mr Serious so I thought I would share the Underground Railroad block that I am working on for hexie club. This is actually the 5th of 12 blocks in the series but only the second one that I have stitched. I have one more block cut out and started the fabric selection for the other two.

Underground Railroad - Bear Paw

Our plan is to eventually show all of our quilts in an exhibition at the local Arts Council. We've all chosen different fabrics, including my batiks, civil war and flannel, so the quilts should be the same but quite different.

And now it's your turn!! What hexie projects have you been working on? Any paper shape or vintage project is fair game.

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Friday, March 15, 2019

Feline Friday - 3/15/19

Your eyes are not deceiving you - this is a very late post. Momma took the pictures yesterday and today but she's just now getting time to play online. I think Momma is about to come home and collapse on the couch after 2 late night rescue calls and a long day at work. I might consider snuggling but only if it starts raining...

Yesterday we had some visitors to the yard! A year ago Momma saw her first ever Cedar Waxwing clinging to the window screen in one of the living room windows. Yesterday Momma saw 30 Cedar Waxwings feasting on the berries from her ornamental pear tree. It was fascinating for us to watch and I promised not to catch any. It was an easy promise to keep because I have yet to be able to climb that high in the pear tree.

Momma and me on the porch this morning.
It's been 2 lovely days of weather but ti's back to winter this weekend.

We were hoping the Waxwings would be back today but it looks like they cleaned out the tree and have moved on to another yard. Here's hoping they will be back again next year!

PS - Happy National Quilt Day tomorrow!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Wednesday Weather Report #95 - 3/13/19

I had planned to finish the last 2 elongated hexies during my lunch hour today but when the boss offered to take me to the new pizza joint I jumped at the chance!!

It must be a good restaurant if they have a hexie floor, right?! The building had been a burned out, boarded up shell for a very long time so the new tile floors, shiny tin ceiling tiles and usual pizza decor were the perfect accompaniment to the Italian smell that hits you when you open the door. Yumm!

March 6 - 12, 2019
13 - 21 - 30 - 36 - 43 - 34 - 30 F

March 1 - 12, 2019

We are headed into the 40s and 50s this week followed by a weekend in the 30s and then back to the 40s/50s for another week. It appears that Spring is trying to make an appearance and the multiplying robins also give that impression. I'm pretty sure this is the only year that I've seen the first robin of the season while there was still any amount of snow on the ground.

There is light at the end of the tunnel!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Mr Serious

I soooooooo wish the colors were more accurate on the computer. The yellow on the top right is such a pretty buttery yellow color and the "white" section is actually white, grey-white and off-white to help delineate shading and the edges of Z's chin and paws. 

I guess all ya'll will just have to come visit and see it in person!
Maybe at my total solar eclipse party in just 1,853 days??!!

You can see bottom right where I still need to add in 30 hexies. I need to decide how dark I want the shading there (which is between the front paws) and then I can bang those in pretty quick. As soon as I do those I can stitch the top and bottom together. 

Sorry, I didn't count the number of finished hexies again but you can use your imagination because each 2 column pair is 99 hexies and the new section on the right is set to half of the height. Let's just say it's a lot of hexies! LOL.

Friday, March 08, 2019

Feline Friday - 3/8/19

As much as things change around Casa Grande (Momma is rearranging the quilt lab and some other spaces) ... some things never change.

I know that every day I can snuggle with Momma on the couch while she stitches on my pawtrait.

We're predictable like that.

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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Wednesday Weather Report #94 - 3/6/19

And we now move into the tenth month of this temperature quilt. Hard to believe it's week 94 -- it feels like I started this quilt just a week or so ago...

February 27-28, 2019: 18 - 20 F
March 1-5, 2019: 33 - 35 - 31 - 19 - 18 F

June 1, 2018 to March 5, 2019

Still being sick and it's cold outside, everything has been bare minimum at my house which means more lying on the couch under a warm quilt than stitching. I'm at a decision point for Mr Serious' toe shadows so I worked on the next Underground Railroad block for hexie club. It's half done, which means the smaller/takes longer to stitch pieces are left. Ugh.

Clearly I need to finish up a few things on the temperature quilt. I still need to change out those bright greens for dark greens from last June and I need to attach the last bits to the bottoms of January and February.

I've also been considering if it was worth duplicating some of last years temps into the elongated hexies so that I could have a 2018 quilt that ran January to December and then move forward on the same calendar schedule for future quilts. It wouldn't take much work and it might alleviate all the questions of why June to May. Clearly I have too much time on hand while lounging on the couch....

Your turn - how's your weather?!

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Tuesday, March 05, 2019

The Bibliophile Files - 3/5/19

Hello and welcome to my monthly book list!

Apparently I haven't picked very exciting books recently as I have felt little need to read, read, read. It's a bummer cuz I currently have 4 books on my phone - 1 expired before I finished the first "file" and the others are looking that way too. I think the only book I didn't struggle with this month is the first one on the list, which really means I read most of it last month. I'm hoping that now we are on to a new month I'll find some good books and get my reading/listening mojo back!

     The War I Finally Won
     Burn - I have loved this series from the beginning (who doesn't love to hear about national parks?!) but felt this was such a wide departure from the usual single narrative that it was hard to get into and enjoy, especially given the dark story line. It wasn't even until the 4th CD that the 2 storylines actually merged so you could figure out *why* the second storyline was included. I am hoping the next book in this series is back to the usual "recipe".
     The Clockmaker's Daughter - I have made it a project to read all of Kate Mortons books. They are pretty formulaic in what I call a then and now story - intermingle flashback bits with the present until the 2 stories collide to explain a mystery or 2. This book had so many characters in many different time frames that I often was lost regarding which character was speaking in which time frame. All was solved in the end but it was a little vague after a 14 CD buildup.

     Big Stone Gap

And now it's your turn to share. Have you read a novel, magazine, quilt pattern or cereal box?
Let's here about it on your blog or in the comments below...

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Friday, March 01, 2019

Feline Friday - 3/1/19

Momma is feeling sickly this week so she put me in charge of today's post.

Of course, without opposable thumbs I couldn't figure out how to take selfies with her phone and that is despite the fact that I have actually deleted apps from her phone in the past. Who knew that deleting was easier than playing photographer?!

I really don't have much to share - it's been cold and windy and, did I mention cold?! - so I'll let you know that I'm playing nursemaid to Momma and I wish all her friends Happy National Quilting Month!