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Mr Serious

"Mr Serious" was started Sunday, 9/9/18 and needs to be finished by September 2019. 
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I used EQ7 to convert the photo on the left into a hexie quilt design. EQ wanted me to use 60+ colors but I condensed it down to the 14 or 15 shown on the right.

There are a total of 2,327 pieces and if my math didn't fail me, stitching 10 hexies a day will have it pieced in less than 3/4 of a year, giving me the remaining 1/4 of a year to quilt and bind the quilt.

This page is going to be a log of progress photos...hopefully once a week or so...

I won a blue ribbon at the Wyoming County Fair!!

Sunday, June 23, 2019
another row of brown added across bottom of quilt
papers removed from the larger half

Lake Placid
Sunday, 6/9/19
The quilt is in 2 vertical halves

2,723 Pieces done - 0 to go!!!
(except I want to add one more row of brown
 to the bottom of the original design)

Sunday, 6/9/19

Monday, 6/3/19
Only 37 hexies left to go!!!

Wednesday, 5/29/19

May 17, 2019
2,005 hexies completed = 86% done
Only 322 more hexies to go!

May 10, 2019
1,931 hexies completed = 83% done!!
Just 396 to go!!!

May 2, 2019
1,799 hexies done
528 hexies to go
77% done!!!

Monday, 4/15/19
1,683 hexies done or 72% done
644 hexies to go!

Wednesday, 4/10/19
1,603 hexies done... just 724 to go!!

Tuesday, 3/12/19

Thursday, 2/21/19
1,226 hexies completed...
just 1,101 to go!!!

Thursday, 1/24/19

Sunday, 1/20/19

Thursday, 1/17/19
1001 hexies completed!!

Thursday, 1/10/19

Thursday, 12/27/18

Wednesday, 12/19/18

Tuesday, 12/11/18

Tuesday, 11/27/18

Monday, 11/19/18

Monday, 10/29/18

Monday, 10/22/18

Thursday, 10/18/18

Wednesday, 10/10/18

Friday, 10/5/18

Tuesday, 9/25/18

Sunday, 9/16/18

Friday, 9/14/18

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Pamela said...

It's great to see the progress! Thisis such a fabulous project.