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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Mr Serious

Mr Serious is moving right along!!

 The project is currently in 2 pieces:

The brown at the bottom (for the table) is much more portable so I've been taking that piece with me for my lunch hour.

The top part is easier to work on at home and you'll see that I've started adding in the ear on the top right. It's a little scary, hoping that the pixelation and grays for shading will work on this large scale. The goal is to finish the ear and the red to the right of it (about 9 rows or 2-3 weeks depending on how often I ignore household chores) before working on the face.

For the color map and weekly photos since the project began back in September, be sure to check out the Mr Serious tab at the top of my blog..

Monday, November 26, 2018

Turkey & Mystery Clue #1

I own 5 Christmas cactuses (cacti?) between home and work. Don't ask! Each one is a different color and they all blossom 2 to 3 times per year. We've had our first blossoming but this one is my favorite:

We went to my brother's house for Thanksgiving. There was just enough space amongst all the serving dishes for our plates and drinks!

Tom, Rex, Ron, Denise, Tyler, Kristie, Ryan

And what does one do after supper when the triptophan coma starts to kick in?
Spoon with your favorite dog of course!!

Scooby, Shaggy, Ryan

Friday was all about the new Quiltville Mystery Quilt!! Woohoo for Clue #1. Once again I'll be making abut half of each clue until we get to the big reveal when I see if I need more or less units. Half also equates to "this is close enuf because I have used all the scraps currently available" in that size which is what happened with this clue.

Two of the above are not like the others! Guess I didn't finish quite as many as I thought...I set them aside for now and I'll fix them if I need them.

Clue 1 is done and dusted!!

Linking to the Mystery Monday Linky...

Friday, November 23, 2018

Feline Friday Special Edition - 11/23/18

Today is a very special Thanksgiving edition of Feline Friday! I'm going to share all the cats in my life that I've been thankful for and I hope that a lot of people will be joining in with blog posts or comments on their furry children.

I've had 8 cats in my life and that's not counting the friendly strays or cats of friends and neighbors. Be sure to check the links for more pictures and gotcha stories on each cat.

My first cat, Fluffy, was dumped off at the end of our driveway when I was a kid. We lived in the country and sadly this seemed to be a normal occurrence. Fluffy, a long haired calico, was named by my little brother and she gave birth to tiny kittens in the attic just a couple days later. We found homes for the kittens (I cried) and then eventually had to find a home for Fluffy as my brother was allergic. I don't have any pictures of Fluffy given that most of my parent's photos are on slides!


My next cat was as a 20-something living in Miami. We had just moved there and this friendly black & white cat was hanging around our apartment building. I eventually brought her inside and later learned that she had "ran" out of a neighbors apartment and they had never tried to bring her back inside. They gave me "permission" to adopt her - as if I was gonna give her back. I named her Marbles because she was mostly white with a few random black spots and I couldn't very well call a cat Spot  - that was too dog like.

8/12/02 - 5/15/10

8/12/02 - 9/9/13

My next cats came as a mother and son pair. I worked at the University of Miami at the time and when we came in to work Monday morning someone had dropped them off overnight. I quickly convinced my roommate to let me adopt them and brought Tula and Pepper home. Pepper was still nursing and still had tiny little blue eyes. Tula was a Main Coon mix and Pepper was a Main Coon mix mix. They were both large cats with gorgeous long fur. I jokingly talked to them in Spanish instead of English - it was a Miami thing. They both moved with me to NY where we didn't have quite as much sun to sit in but I think they liked it.

2008? - 5/19/16

Gotcha Day: 11/23/10

Squeaky was my first NY cat. She was a stray that was fed by the liquor store owner next to my office. I would often sit on the back steps and talk with her at lunch - she squeaked instead of meowed. She had a couple litters of kittens over the course of a year and eventually disappeared. I asked the lady if she had seen her and found out that Squeaky had been spayed and given to the upstairs tenants. I randomly said if they ever changed their mind, I would take her. In less than 2 weeks there was a note on my windshield that I could have her - they hadn't even named her yet. She was very appreciative as she always had to sit in my lap or be near me no matter what I was doing. Squeaky wouldn't bother quilts I had layed out on the floor over night - she waited until morning so I could watch her take a running leap with a twist to rearrange my blocks. The doll bed was purchased with Squeaky in mind - it needed to be sturdy and low to the ground for my fat Dolly.

9/14/99 - 9/22/15

One year my brother's family was going to Disney for a couple of weeks and asked if I could take their cat while they were gone. They came home from Florida but never asked for their cat and I never offered her back - it took forever for the boys to even notice she was gone. I eventually changed her name to Midgie - what else do you call a tiny 6 pound cat? Midgie also had to be every where I was and could talk a blue streak. It would get a little crowded on the couch with Squeaky and Midgie both vying for lap space. Luckily Pepper was more of a floor kind of guy.

Gotcha Day: September 2013

Zorro took his time before adopting me. He was a stray in the neighborhood for an entire summer. He became friendlier and would sit in my lap. As winter approached I decided to bring him inside, except he did not want to be inside only as my other cats were. It was a long battle but we soon worked out a truce that he would be an innie-outie kitty and we trained each other so that he rings a bell when he wants out. He's quite smart - too smart if we are being honest. Over the last 5 years he has become increasingly friendlier, even enjoying sitting on my lap every day for the last few weeks. He seems to be happiest as an only child.

Little Boy Bleu
2010? - 3/18/17
Gotcha Day: September 2016

Little Boy Bleu was another stray in the neighborhood. He was very shy and it took an entire summer before I even got a good look at his beautiful face as he was always slinking away along the property lines. We finally decided he was a Mitted Seal Point Ragdoll! A gorgeous boy who sadly only lived with me for a few months. He was another grateful kitty who loved to be in my lap and wasn't bothered by whatever hexie project I was working on over the top of him.

Have you picked up that all my cats have found me? Picked me?
And for that I am forever thankful!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Wednesday Weather Report #79 - 11/21/18

Today is going to be another purple! Wonder if that's going to become a Wednesday thing?

Tomorrow I am expecting we will need to add another new color as our expected high is only 18F. Well shiver me timbers!

November 14 - 20, 2018
28 - 30 - 36 - 34 - 33 - 37 - 30F

We were expecting another "big" storm today according to the weather people. Sadly the snow I photographed this on was just about everything we got...

November 1 - 20, 2018

An InLinkz Link-up

PS - Don't forget a very special Feline Friday this week - I hope you'll join in with all the cats in your life that you are thankful for!

Monday, November 19, 2018

HeLP for Hexie-aholics - 11/19/18

Yikes - I've really been off my blogging game lately. It was yesterday, mid-morning, before I realized that I had missed our monthly HeLP post on Saturday. I'm 99% done with job#2 and I only have one more Christmas Bazaar so maybe life can get back to normal now...whatever "'normal" is.

The arrow is the mid height point
Can you believe we have been doing HeLP for over 6 years now? Me either but we had the first help back in August of 2012. Time flies when you are having fun!

On the one hand, I took some time off Mr Serious to work on one of my other hexie projects for a week so it's been a while since I posted a picture. On the other hand I've gotten a decent bit of work done and I just haven't had time to post a picture.

I'm thrilled to say that not only did I reach the top left corner of the project but I've now begun stitching my way across the top. The project is getting a little big to work on anywhere off my couch or someplace with a table but I've got some ways to work around that.

Since job#2 is just about over I now have my lunch hours back and I'll be working on the brown section which is easy enough to transport in a tiny box. My ultimate goal is to work down towards the bottom left corner. Once I've got a good chunk of the brown section completed I will attach it to the catship (haha, instead of mothership) so I can see the full height of the project. At the same time, while at home on the couch, I can continue to work along the top right of the catship, adding fur (2 greys, 1 black, 4 creams/whites) and continuing with the red at the top.

My other work around is a new box to store all my supplies for the project.

Above is the 6-compartment box I've been using - it's part of a 3-box-stack. The stack only has one lid which is awkward when you only need one box, leaving the rest of the stack open.

I think a little jerry-rigging will make the lid removable.
The green/black rosettes on the right are eyes!

The new box above comes with the 6-compartment box to further sort out my fabric but also has the 2 long boxes. Even better they are all movable so I can put two 6-compartment boxes in or just one leaving blank space or whatever combo I need. Tonight I'll be expanding the black/greys that are currently crammed in to  one compartment.

I also like that the color "map" of the project will fit in the box. I was carrying the small lidded box, a clipboard with the map, the sharpies were loose plus the catship. Now it's just the catship and the big box. Woohoo!

And now it's your turn to share an EPP project. We look forward to any paper shape and any vintage project whether it's a UFO, WIP or dream. I can't wait to see your projects!

Friday, November 16, 2018

Feline Friday - 11/16/18

We got a wee bit of snow last night...

I like to hide under the car while Momma shovels but I wasn't sure we still had a car at first.

Eventually she found the car...but it was hard getting the door open to push the snow out of the way!

It's too bad Momma can't shovel straight

But eventually she gotter done!

Yippers - the pear tree still has every single green leaf

And where was I snoopervising from?

Well, right here, inside this window, of course. I ain't no dummy!!

PS - Don't forget that a week from today will be a special Feline Friday for all the cats in our lives that we've been thankful for. I hope you have been finding pictures to join in the linky party!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wednesday Weather #78 - 11/14/18

This week's weather was pretty standard for fall winter: cold but with a good snow storm tossed in on Saturday. It doesn't happen often that the first snow storm is a goody but this one was! I topped out with about 7" of snow after 4 or 5 hours of lake effect snow and white out conditions. It was an excellent day to stay home and sew!!!

Most people and municipalities didn't have the plows ready yet as we were still mowing and raking leaves through Thursday. That meant the plows, normally by my house at 7am, didn't make an appearance until nearly 10am.

November 7 - 13, 2018
49 - 40 - 32 - 30 - 35 - 40 - 35 F

November 1 - 13, 2018

Today is a whole 'nother story as we introduce purple to the family!!

I looked up last year's temp on this date and it was 46F compared to today's 28F. Is this still considered global warming? At least it's not raining!!

The Bibliophile Files - 11/14/18

Ever behind in blogging, reading and real life, here is my monthly book list. I've completed 66 books this year but I don't think I'll be hitting my goal of 90 with just 6 or 7 weeks left in the year.

And that's ok - life happened this year and that's just as, or more, important than books. Just don't tell my fav librarian I said that!

I fully expect to set next years goal to 90 again and we'll see how that goes. I might want to consider NOT adding several 1,000+ page books to next years reading list again tho...

     Astronaut Wives Club - an interesting read but as a "modern" girl, some of the expectations of the times were bothersome.
     The Nightingale - our annual book read for a club I belong to. A sad & disturbing WWII story that I would assume was fairly accurate and therefore educational on an era before my time.
     The Tattooist of Auschwitz - based on a real person!
     The Rules of Magic
     Long Lost - hmm - I seem to have started in the middle of a new series for me...
     Fifty Fifty - I am enjoying this series that takes place in the Outback of Australia
     The Paris Architect - about the transformation of an architect during WWII

     Gideon's Sword - another new series for me!
     The Great Alone - this is an excellent but long audiobook. I didn't finish in my allotted time and it was automatically returned to the library, putting me at the end of an excruciatingly long list of people also waiting for it...

And now it's your turn...did you read any good books, novels, magazines, quilt patterns or cereal boxes??!!

Friday, November 09, 2018

Feline Friday - 11/9/18

Yesterday was an awesome day to be outside. It was sunny and blue skies!

I'm sexy and I know it!

Even more important, I knew it was my last chance cuz look what Momma has to deal with today:

Taken Friday morning - cars and awnings are now covered and the roads are slush city.

She bothered doing her hair why?

And where am I, you might worry? No need to worry on my behalf cuz I am warm and dry, unlike Momma's feet in all that melted slushy mess.

Ah...the life of a cat!

PS - Yesterday Momma and Auntie Neesey were talking about all the cats that have owned them. Momma thought it would be fun to do a special post on the day after Thanksgiving dedicated to those cats. Kind of a lets be thankful for our cats thing. She asked me to ask you to start looking for pictures of any cats that have owned you and to join in the special linky party on Friday, 11/23/18!

Thursday, November 08, 2018

kaleidoscopes and bazaar items

Just a quickie post today as I didn't have the time for a proper post like I thought...

Last Friday was Hexie Club, where I stitched the bottom row to the doll quilt. 

Since this is my fall UFO project, I decided to dedicate this week to the kaleidoscope project.
That's right, no Mr Serious this week! I'm in serious withdrawal! LOL
I will have completed 3 blocks by the end of today

I've made 9 candle mats. These last 5 just need simple quilting.

This is 5 of the 6 picture frames I've made. Next up is round frames
It's been fun to throw crazy fabrics together.
They were fiddly but oh so cute.

When I asked friends at work and Hexie Club for magazine insert cards,
I never expected them to find so many cards!
I've been punching away at the pile - it's especially nice to get any aggression out after a trying day (I may be doing a LOT of them tonight) 

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Wednesday Weather Report #77 - 11/7/18

I really wanted to post something on Monday but it's been a crazy busy week. I'll try to get my new bazaar items posted tomorrow. The good news is that fall job#2 should be done in about a week, giving me back my lunch hours for blogging and hexies! Well, and for eating of course.

And heck - I just realized that yesterday was the first Tuesday and we should have hosted The Bibliophile Files - I'll do that next Tuesday.

Only 2 weeks until a 4 day weekend! I. Can't. Wait!

We had a wind storm blow through last night (hahahaha). I had de-leafed the front lawn on Sunday but had run out of daylight to make a dent in the side yard. It's just as well because this tree is now pretty much bare. I forgot to check the maple tree in the back yard but I'm going to guess it's about the same.

October 31:  60 F
November 1-6: 43 - 51 - 41 - 46 - 54 - 60 F
Yipp we hit 60 on Halloween to begin the week and by the skin of our teeth we also hit 60 again to finish the week. I was willing to get a tad creative yesterday to hit 60 at 1pm (averaging the 4 weather apps on my phone: 58, 59, 61, 62....a strangely wide spread) but by 1:30 my main app was reading 60 so either way I'm good with 60 as yesterday's "official" temp. The rumor mill is calling for snow showers next week but I'm not getting excited until I see it...or shovel it!

October 1-31, 2018

I'm not sure if the QCO is upset with the workmanship or the weather. There have been many days that he has not liked the weather enuf to stay inside for the day so I'm going to guess my workmanship is up to par :)

And with the close of the October weather hexies, "we" are now officially into the 6th month of this year's temperature quilt.

Have you started a temp quilt? It doesn't have to be hexies - any quilt block would work. And please don't wait until January 1st. My January first came and went at least three times before I finally got this project started 5/17/2017. Once you get started you will also wonder why it took so long...

Friday, November 02, 2018

Feline Friday - 11/2/18

Momma says I should get a job as a weather cat! 
She says I'm a much more reliable prognosticator than those other weather peeps.

Case in point:

Burrrrrrr Baby - It's cold outside but it's warm on the floor grate.
I can't wait until Momma figures out how to use the antique grates she found but it's probably going to mean cutting into the floor and that's kinda above her pay grade.

On the other hand, It's really cold or icky outside when I hit the cat tree:

This morning I didn't even ask to go outside. I know!?! Gotta keep her on her toes!!

I got out of bed, ate my breakfast and went straight to the tree. Momma was worried I didn't feel good, maybe due to yesterday's tick-ectomy. I just wanted to stay inside to think of ways to torture her stuff again for keeping me inside Halloween night.