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Monday, June 27, 2016

Design Wall Monday - 6/27/16

It was a workin' weekend (EMT, The Co-Op and the LQS) so I didn't really have time for anything but working and a few hexies. All in all it wasn't a bad weekend; it was just as short weekend.

This was really finished a week or 2 ago but I don't think I posted it.

This is the rose star that was started last week and finished this weekend.
This is the new rose star that will probably be finished by tomorrow or Wednesday.

I had prepped 6 rose star blocks to take camping but I've now (almost) finished 2 of them so I best get some other projects prepped to take with me...

Friday, June 24, 2016

Feline Friday - 6/24/16


He's on MY porch!

Blue is on MY carpet square!

You! Yes! You! Mr blue-eyed cat!
Get. off. MY. poooooooooorrrrrrrccchhhhhh!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thrill Seeking Sarah!!!

Sorry for the late post this week - it appears I'm getting bronchitis again - so I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.

But first check out this other post by the local news service.

Of course, I requested a purple jump suit! 

Nephew Ryan kept saying I was crazy.
He later admitted crazy in a crazy, cool kind of way!

Not sure what the Danger notice was for since it's on the BACK of my rigging...
I'm ready - let's get this plane on the ruunway!!!

What 'chu lookin' at??
This tandem dive was a gift from coworker/Airport Manager Ken Moses who was driving the pickup.
Julia is the passenger and the lady who posted the article in the link above.

Coming in for a landing...

The Eagle has landed but she can't wait to do this again!

Proof - this will be framed!

With room for more dives...saving my pennies!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Design Wall Monday - 6/20/16

It's been hot, hot, hot here in Western NY.

It's also been dry, dry, dry - we are 5" short on rainfall.

Normal people are safely ensconced in their air conditioned homes. I don't have AC but I do have a naturally cool 124 year old house...

I'll share my outdoor daredevil activities from Saturday in my Wednesday post...

Today I'm sharing my leisurely activities in my cool house from Sunday. I just need to finish the outer round of blue kites and green third-hexies.

That would be one rose star down and just 5 or 6 more to go! Whoo hoo!

Friday, June 17, 2016

HeLP for Feline Friday - 6/17/16

That's right, my friends - today we are doing double duty since the 17th of June is falling on a Friday. My quality control officer wasn't interested in posing with my hexies but I hope you'll try to get your felines to pose with yours since there is only one linky party today to combine our monthly Hexie Linky Party and our weekly Feline Friday party.

My brother dropped off his pole trimmer for me to borrow last night. I'm guessing he placed it across the stairs to be obvious that it was there when I got home but to also be a sweet pain in my patookie :) No matter, cuz the resident security system immediately kicked in to protect the trimmer until I arrived. He also later wrangled the attached rope into and through his "castle" (the day lily patch on the right)  when it was misbehaving behind my back.

I've recently been working on "the Bathroom Floor" at night while I watch DVDs of Private Practice and The Glades. It's my version of the hexie tile floor in my office bathroom. I have just 2 rows left at the bottom to have finished the 4 diamonds and then I'll begin the squaring off process so I can add the Seminole Piecing borders.

I've been using this mock-up from EQ7 to track my progress and you can see from the newly highlighted parts that I am definitely making progress in just a few weeks time.

Finished setting pieces in the middle, fussy cut star parts in the tin and
the newly trimmed pile of hexie-thirds on the right. I haven't counted how many setting
pieces I'll be needing yet but I think it's going to take a lot of fingers and toes.

And last but not least, after fussing cutting the rest of the fabrics for the rose star blocks a few weeks ago I was cleaning up their fabric "bin" and noticed some of the setting pieces were already trimmed and or basted so I took those to work for lunch time. I finished off those pieces this week and was cutting more fabric this morning when it dawned on me that if I baste all the hexie-thirds for the setting pieces I won't have any papers to stitch the actual stars. Duh! Instead, I pulled out a set of star pieces and brought that to work. This has traditionally been a camping only project but since I'm preparing to go camping in a few weeks I think I can finagle that as close enough...

Okie Dokie - time for all y'all to share your felines and hexie projects. Bonus points if you can get them in one link but feel free to link both separately if your QCO's are as uncooperative as mine was...

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Bibliophile Files - 6/14/16

Hello! and Welcome to another monthly addition of The Bibliophile Files, a monthly log of the books I've read. I hope you'll link at the bottom to let us know what you've been reading...

     Day of the Dead
     Book of the Dead
     A Lion Among Men
     Seventy-Seven Clocks
     Great Tennesee Monkey Trial
     Partner in Crime
     Hunting Season
     Vivian Apple at the End of the World
     At Risk
     100 Sideways Miles
     The Photograph

In progress:
     On the car stereo- Queen of the Night
     on my iPhone- NYPD Red 4
     on my home stereo- The Kingdom

Goodreads.com (where I log my books and look for suggestions) says I am 2 books behind schedule to make my goal of 84 books for the year. I think that's an easy catch up. 35 down...49 to go...

Some of my listed books are from a summer reading program for teens at AudioBooksSync. Every Thursday they post 2 audiobooks available for free downloading for the week. The following Thursday hosts 2 different books. While these are not my usual police procedural books they have been pretty interesting so far. Nine weeks left so I hope you'll join in...

And now it's your turn... Tell us what you've been reading. It can be a novel, cookbook, quilt pattern, magazine or cereal box. Looking forward to finding new books to read!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Design Grass Monday - 6/13/16

I may or may not have attended a local shop hop last week for the sole purpose of purchasing the two purple fabrics I will need for Mickey Depre's scrappy pieced hexie project.

light purple added to side diamond sides
medium purple will be added to diamond ends.

I also may or may not have picked up three FQs and rummaged through their scrap bins...

I admit to nothing!

Ok - so maybe I'll admit to my snoopervisor pitching in.

And maybe I'll also admit to getting me some of this BELLY!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Feline Friday - 6/10/16

Yipper - I pulled the cardboard part out of the scratchy box and then I rolled in all that lucious catnip and then I left a trail of it all through the house!

I'm a nip-head!!
Maybe I should have listened to Squeaky's PSA?

Monday, June 06, 2016

DesignWall Monday - 6/6/16

I can tell I don't have any looming deadlines - I've been pretty laid back in the sewing department lately. I *ought* to be deciding what to finish for the county fair and I *ought* to be making things to sell at the Co-Op but I've been enjoying the much slower pace. I'll get my faster groove back sooner or later and in the meantime...I'm enjoying life :)

I've finished another blue rosette with grey sashing. These darker blues have more contrast with the sashing unlike the last blue rosette. I really need to keep my eye open for the light and medium purples that will complete these diamonds...

3 weeks till camping trip #1 - I best get some hexies prepped to work on from mountain tops !!

Friday, June 03, 2016

Feline Friday - 6/3/16

Don't tell Momma...

...but I got me a girlfriend!!!!

She's a neighborhood stray like I used to be and Momma named her Emmy Lou.
It's a long story of how she got her name but sometimes I call her Emmy Lou Who and then she purrs. Heaven!

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Workin' Wednesday

This coming Sunday is the 6th annual Agri-Palooza and last night was orientation.

Wyoming County has more cows (48,700 in 2015) than people and June is Dairy Month so the first weekend in June is the perfect opportunity to visit a local farm. Especially since everything but the food is free.

This year's chosen farm is McCormick Farms in Bliss, NY.  Check out the video of their farm on this facebook page.

McCormick's is unusual as this year's A-P will be held at 2 locations - they deal with potatoes (headed to Wise Potato Chips!) at one location and milking cows at another. Apparently the calves are raised at a third location but they've trucked some in for the tours.

There are kids activities, tours of the diary barns and milking parlor, an exhibit on the "life" of a potato, ag vendors, food, music, etc. It should be a fun day with decent weather (unlike the 93F last weekend!). I may not get to see too much of the activities as I'm working "parking" which is no where near the fun stuff so that means last nights orientation was twice as fun.

Each cow has a chip in her ear that logs how much she eats, walks, drinks, and how much milk she gives.
It's like a Fitbit for cows!!
The distance a cow walks is unique to each gal and can help determine when she is getting sick, in heat, etc.

The only picture I took was of the "merry-go-round" milking parlor. This was super cool as it's pretty new technology. The girls are trained to walk into a slot while the machine is still in motion. As she nears the end there is water dripping onto the machinery which not only cleans the machine (have you ever watched a cow chew her cud?) but since she doesn't want her head to get wet she backs off the machine.

It also has fail-safes to protect the cows. We watched one cow not back out in time or try to get on again, not sure, but the machine stopped before she got stuck, backed up a little and then she backed away. Apparently 1 new cow in the crowd can figure it out pretty fast but it took a good two weeks of misery for the whole herd to learn the process.

What are you doing for Dairy Month?