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Friday, January 30, 2015

Feline Friday - 1/30/15

Don't be afraid Momma! I'll get that naughty red dot for you.

See Momma!! No problemo!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - January finale

January's color was "blue." It was just supposed to be a regular blue but since I'm modifying the RSC for my own purposes, I used whatever blues I came across. And since I'm making things up as I go along, I only made as many blocks as I felt like - just to make 'some' progress. I had a ton of fun pulling different blues from my stash every few days and I can't wait to see what February's color is.

I finished 14 box kite blocks, 2.5 baskets and 3 D4P Puss-in-the-Corner blocks.

I also cut a bunch of blue square pairs so when I get through some other colors, I can make a lot more D4P blocks.

Did you participate in RSC this month?

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Squishy, A NEWfo and a Challenge!

Last week I received a surprise squishy from my friend Chantal at Ramblings of a Quilter!!!

The contents of the package were not so much the surprise but their arrival was! I had commented on the fussy cut Santa fabric some time ago and Chantal thought she might have some extra bits laying around (large bits I might add!!). And then Chantal spoke up that she had also found another fabric she knew I would like - and boy was she right!!! How could this hexie girl not adore a  lime green hexie fabric called "honey hive"??? Thank you Chantal!!!! Your timing was perfect - having been sick on my birthday, it was a nice pick me up. I think I might have actually jogged back to work from the post office so I could open it :)

The new honey hive fabric reminded me that I wanted to start a new project. I now have 34(!!!) hexie related fabrics. I did NOT want an EPP quilt just for the irony and didn't even want hexie shaped pieces of fabric. I also thought it would be a fun twist for my hexie trunk shows this fall. It won't be finished (how does one declare a quilt finished when there are more fabrics to collect??) but it will be fun!

Then I remembered this project and thought it could be the perfect pattern if I used scrappy black-on-black for the setting pieces since the hexie fabrics were in such a wild array of colors.

Sorry, the colors are really wishy washy in this photo - it's overcast and snowing again today :)

I have four blocks done so far. My current concern is that there is too much black between each of the blocks, even if I do have to account for seam allowances. I might make a couple blocks in non-hexie fabrics with smaller setting triangles to see how I like them. The other side of the coin is that this is a really dark black so that might make it seem like too much black.

My fav block so far is Super Hexie-Man!!!!

And now for the challenge...
I am hoping all y'all will help me with my search for hexie fabrics. I am willing to trade or pay whatever you feel is fair. At the least I need a 5" charm square but I would be thrilled for more! I would even appreciate black-on-black fabrics. They seem few and far between here in my neck of the woods.  Thanks!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Feline Friday - 1/23/15 - more gifts!!

Look what GrandPoppa made Momma for her birfday!! It's SIX feet tall!!!


Oh, who are we kidding?? Grandpoppa made it for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am KING of my castle!

My Grandpoppa is the bestest!!!!

Ahoy Matey - Welcome to the Crow's Nest!!

I'm not sure which is the better gift tho ... A Christmas Tree or a Cat Tree??!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I know...you're saying "Sarah, that's the same photo you posted last week!" but I SWEAR it's not!

I've now finished the gold and lime diamonds, black triangles and added lime half hexies. I think I'll do the white striped hexies around the outer edge before I decide on where to add more pink.

Just 3 more shapes to decide on!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

HeLP for Hexie-aholics!!!

Today is one of my favorite days of the month. OK, it's also one of the best days of the year but that's a whole different story. Today is my fav day of  the month because it's time for a hexie linky party (HeLP)!!!! The party is open to projects of any stage (vintage or new, dreams or UFO) and I can't wait to see what you've worked on this month!

On Monday I asked for your help in picking a setting fabric for my flying swallows piece and promised to later tell you what the "rush" was...

The vote for purple or turquoise was a very close/almost tie but when someone (altho Denise will remain nameless) let me know that my three cats had all voted turquoise, I decided to cave to the peer pressure and run with it.

I just got the cardstock I needed to make the setting templates so I hope to finish this weekend. For everyone who voted for purple, it will either be used as another border or the binding...time will tell.

Last year I was asked to pick a date to do a hexie trunk show for our local Meals & Memories senior luncheon at the church a block from my house. I picked the last possible date so that I would have more items to show and made a half-a$$ effort to move forwards with projects, not putting as much effort in to it the last 4 months as I should have.

Last weekend I was also asked to do a trunk show for my guild. Cathy asked if I could do it in March and I nearly chocked on my lunch. As all y'all know, I am more of a starter than a finisher, prefering to enjoy the journey, and have very few finished hexie projects so I asked if it could be later in the year...like around October, which worked out perfectly.

This is a belated gift - a dishtowel adorned with what I think is the most adorable turkey. I didn't think my embroidery skills were up to par but it doesn't look half bad in the photo. Yeah me! I hope the recipient likes it as much as I do!

I don't know about you, but doing a trunk show for my own guild feels like a lot of pressure to be "fantastic." I already had a list of my hexie UFOs so I started by picking a few easy-to-finish projects and some long term projects that won't be finished but I'll have a large UFO to share construction methods from the front and back. I was encouraged to explain fussy cutting and different paper shapes at the guild show so I tried to pick a variety of projects.

Yes...he was as thrilled to pose as he looks!

This is the 10th full size block that I have finished for the Value Proposition QAL. I also have 2 half blocks done. 8 full and 2 half blocks left to finish!!!! I think I'll spend a little time this weekend kitting up a few more of these blocks...

My goal (hahahahahaha) is not to start any further new projects and I hope y'all will help me stick to that!!! My exception was starting Katja's New Hexagon Millefiore. Even if I can only sorta keep up, by October this should be fantastic!

I had decided to fussy cut first and then fill in the rest. I'm not sure that was the best order to work this block but I am loving the fussy cut choices I had originally made. I think I need more green towards the center and more pink towards the outside but I might still change my mind. I want to baste what I fussy cut this morning before I decide.

I do  have a subtle white stripe for the outside hexies which will replicate Katja's sample. The original black fabric has some white so I don't think it will stick out too much...or maybe I just need to use some in the center.

See why I have so many UFOs?? Indecision...

Mom even said I could borrow one of her smaller trunks. Yipper...stole that idea from Janet when she did her mini trunk show and had a mini trunk.

Ok, my friends - it's time to tempt me with your projects...show me what 'cha got and cross your fingers I don't cave to more peer pressure! 264 days until TS#1!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Feline Friday - 1/16/15

Look Momma!!!

I made you a snow angel with my fluffy tail for you birfday tomorrow!!!
Love you!!  =^..^=

Aren't you glad it's snowing, Momma?
Yes, Goober Baby, Momma is very happy it's snowing today!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Design Wall Monday - 1/12/15

Sew...which do you prefer? The purple or the turquoise setting fabric?

The purple shows a little darker than in real life since the photographer created a shadow :-)

Depending on the votes (and if I agree with them! Bwahahahaha), I hope to at least get the center finished for Hexie Linky Party on Saturday, when I will also explain the "sudden" rush to finish hexie UFOs.

And, yes, borders are going to be a little dicey since I have to work around the holes where I fussy cut for the center of the star :-)

Friday, January 09, 2015

Feline Friday - Gifts

Clearly, the collecting of the taxes and the frigid weather has delayed this uber important post...it's about what Momma got us for Christmas!!!!

Momma got me a paper bag!! It's good for insulation, dark and cozy for napping but hard to see when the Introoder is sneaking up on me.

Momma got me a box!! It's nice and roomy for my tiny figure but I never sleep in my box cuz you never know who is gonna try to get in the box with me...

Yes, Momma has a Cardinal on the top of her bird tree!

Momma. Got. Me. A. Christmas. Tree!!!! Oh. My. God. Christmas. Trees. Are. The Best. Gift. Ever!!!!

I like to swat at the ornaments and swat at the branches and chew the cords for the lights and stand under the tree to see how high I can reach and scratch at the trunk and run across the floor so I can then slide into the carpet square under the tree stand causing the tree to spin and Momma to freak!! She's not at all impressed that I also figured out how to lift the heat vent that lives under MY tree out of the floor. Hello? My sissies have lived here for years and haven't figured that out yet...

Momma said she is gonna take my tree away this weekend - something about she can't take my cabin fever much longer. There has been a lot of mumbling (something along the lines of nonononono) and squirting me with water. Should I be worried about Momma?? We don't even live in a cabin!

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Bibliophile Files Tuesday!

Hello and welcome to the first Bibliphile Files for 2015!

To finish out my challenges from last year, I finished reading the last of the required 74 books on 12/19/14. Considering that the original challenge was to last 24 months, I think finishing in 11.5 months is a pretty good accomplishment. And since I had listened to my last challenge audiobook on 11/30/14 I just kept right on with more audiobooks, finishing 84 books and audio books in 2014. A personal record!! Woot Woot!

The Bootlegger
Power Play
Ill Wind
Car Talk Field Guide to the North American Wacko
Takedown 20
Forever Odd
Blackberry Pie Murder
Rafferty's Wife
Founding Mothers
Blow Fly

Currently on my stereo is Bad Blood and I forgot to write down the 2 titles on my night stand...

When thinking about what to challenge myself with for 2015, I ultimately decided that no challenge would be challenge enough with everything that will be going on this year.  I am working through more than 20 series and there is a whole list of books I came across last year that didn't fit that challenge. Denise and I decided this was reading through my to-be-read (TBR) pile. I think it should be nice and simple. I'll still be looking for new series and authors so I look forward to your links!!

Happy 2015 to all  my fellow Bibliophiles!

Monday, January 05, 2015

Design Wall Monday - 1/5/15

I haven't made much progress on my Grand Illusion Mystery due to work related activities but I did get to play with my hexies here and there...

On New Year's Day I spent the day in my PJs fussy cutting for a couple projects. I mostly fussy cut for Rosette #1 of Katja's Millefiore project. A lot of people are working block by block from the center out but I wanted to take advantage of my fabric so I'm kinda working willy nilly on mine.

I started with this...

and ended with this!!!! Swiss Cheese!

I think there is still a lot of potential left in this fabric for all the small bits left to make for rosette #1

I played with templates for quite a while trying to decide where to put what shapes and finally just decided to start with the center.

From there I picked an element I liked and played to see how I could use it best with the remaining shapes while also laying out the pieces so that I could see how they would play together.  And then I decided to stop fussy cutting and do some basting so I could see how the pieces were really playing together w/out seam allowances. There isn't a huge difference but if you look at the center block above and below you can see a slight difference.

One would think after a special trip to the city to buy a new cutting mat that
someone would take the time to clean the cutting table and get rid of the old mat...

I've still got a bit of basting the rest of these bits before I do more fussy cutting but EMT renewal class (almost 6 months at 10-15 hours per week with class/travel/homework time) starts this week so I have no idea how much I'll actually be getting done during the week. Think the teacher would have a problem with me hexing during class?

Friday, January 02, 2015

Feline Friday - Helpin'

Last week, Midgie pretty much called me useless.

Hello ??!!  I was practicing!! Ya see...Momma is Collector of the Taxes and before they are mailed she has to pull the escrows, put the duplicates together, seal and postage all those envelopes. I just couldn't let her do it all alone...I had to snoopervise!! It was a hard job cuz it took alllllll day Saturday and Sunday but someone had to do it.

Sometimes I slept in the bed Momma put on the table, thinking it would keep me out of trouble. But most of the time I was right in the middle of everything! No matter what, I didn't knock the boxes off the table and that made Momma happy.

Now, before you fret about me being on the table...Momma gave up on keeping me off the dining room table a long time ago. How do I know this? She told me! I mean she eats at something called a coffee table so the dining room table might as well be used for something. And lest you think she is a softy, I get squirted quite regularly for drinking out of the kitchen sink, being mean to my little sissy, using my claws on the ottoman to slide on my back across the floor, etc, etc. Ya gotta give me credit for the ottoman thing tho - it's fun to slide across the floor! 'Cept now my furs are all static-y.

Happy New Year!!