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Friday, October 30, 2009

Another table runner

Here's another table runner for the Christmas Bazaar. I free motion quilted my version of "McTavishing" in the center area - a nice fairly quick filler - and one of my machine's programmed stitches in the inner border. Truth be told I picked the border stitch a month ago since it clearly echoed the border fabric but then it just sat there while I decided on the rest of the quilting. Last night I pored over the designs from http://freemotionquilting.blogspot.com/ and looked through my quilting warm ups from previous projects and finally jumped on this design. The binding is nearly half done.
Seven days left how many more can I finish???

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Binding Continues

Harumph...no sign of the Price Fairy yet. Maybe she's just waiting until I have more table runners done before popping over...
I'm still working on quilting and binding table runners for the bazaar which is next weekend. I'd soooooo like to do some piecing - but other than 2 pillowcases Michele and I made last weekend for a charity project, I don't have the time or energy. The colors in this picture are a little dark - it really is a pretty fall strip and the purple on the back just adds a nice punch to it.

I think I must be the slowest binder. I don't care for whipstitched bindings - why do a quickie stitch like that when I've spent so much time on the rest of the quilt? I don't care for the machine sewn bindings I have seen either. I know several people have posted their techniques online but I didn't have time to perfect them before the bazaar. Maybe next year... In the meantime I will continue what is essentially an applique stitch while I listen to some good books or watch movies from the library. Yesterday's movie was 'Blind Dating' and this weekend was 'Bottle Shock' which was my fav of the two.

Friday, October 23, 2009

keep it or sell it?

This is my fav table runner so far for the Christmas Bazaar. The colors/fabrics are bright and likeable but my fav part is the quilting. I've really been debating whether to keep it for myself. Mom says why not but I already have two people interested in buying it. Of course, neither has asked the price so I guess I need to start pricing runners and ask them if they really want it. Otherwise I will finish one that is cheaper and more likely to sell. I have never been confident in pricing my art. Can't the Pricing Fairy just pop over this weekend and tell me what to do??!!

In the background you will see my little helper. Pepper rarely "sews" with me so I was thrilled when he spent several evenings on a roll of batting while I was working in my studio. If I keep the house chilly enough do you think he might continue to help?

The next picture is Tula. There's nothing better than a fresh bag of cat food - she wouldn't even let me get it into the bowl.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Creative Booty

Hmmm...that's gotcha thinking didn't it??!! Sunday I took a bus trip to the annual Creative Festival in Toronto. The show is a jumble of classes, free demos, fashion shows and SHOPPING on just about every craft you can think of.
Here is a glimpse of what I bought - fabric, hologram thread, patterns, a gorgeous turquise pendant and some other goodies like a fabric bow maker. Not pictured are the quilting stencils. While my free motion skills are steadily improving, stencils sometimes just move the process along faster, provide a jumping point for ideas or help learn muscle memory. Sorry, no cameras were allowed inside the CF. The Quilt of Belonging was there so I wish I had been able to take pictures inside...the Needle was just outside tho.It was a long day with a 3 hour drive each way and 6 hours of walking around the booths. Thankfully we watched movies on the bus, I brought binding to work on and we were treated to a nice view of Niagara Falls and a beautiful sunset on the way home.
Will I go next year? I don't need to but if Michele get's her passport we can go together!! hint hint hint

Wazzit Wednesday

Well....I thought that Wazzit Wednesday had a better ring than Wazzit Friday...that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

Did anyone guess what they were???

They are luggage tags. They also hold gift cards or insert cards that say "Do Not Disturb" or "Happy Birthday" and hang them on a door knob for a neato surprise. I'll have them at my Christmas Bazaar booth in just 17 days (but who's counting).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Snowing!!!

Today brings the first snow of the season. It's so fine I can't even get a picture but will get one ASAP. Mom is ignoring the flakes in the hopes that they will go away.

Hmmm...guess I better dig out a coat instead of my flannel shirt :)

Oh wait - I heard that next week it should be about 60. Huh?!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This past weekend my brother, SIL and I threw a surprise 40th Anniversary Party for my parents at the Castile Firehall. I think the biggest surprise was for the three of us 'cuz Mom and Dad didn't figure it out!

We had about 30 guests, excellent beef on weck and a cake decorated by my SIL, Kristie, to replicate the original. Kristie and I took turns sneaking into their house and office while Mom and Dad were on vacation to make copies from the wedding album and slide carousel and get the Christmas address list.

It was a fun evening for all, we FINALLY surprised Mom and Dad and the fire hall is finally clean. How long do you think that will last?

Friday, October 09, 2009

Wazzit Friday

So ... can you guess what it is? I think I gave a little too much of a visual clue but maybe not...

I'm working on projects for the Christmas Bazaar at the local church. 28 days and counting. I've completed several table runners with a lot more waiting to be quilted and bound, tissue pockets and the wazzits shown here. More pictures to come...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


This is Tyler - he's 4 and a half. He over-smiles when you want a picture but who could resist a little bundle of trouble that yells Sarahhhhhhhhhh as he runs towards you for a hug or secretly asks you to stay and play.

This is Ryan - he's one and a half, a bundle of energy but also Mr. Serious. He's all boy as he tries to imitate his big bro and ends up with scratches and bruises. Ry hasn't grown out of his mamma's boy phase yet but he is getting better at pointing towards me and saying 'Sa' when I come to visit.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Fire Prevention Week

Last November I joined the Castile Fire Department(CFD). It's kind of a family business: Dad is a first responder and was chief in the 70's, Mom is the Ladies Auxilliary, brother is the current fire chief/EMT-B, SIL is also an EMT-B. I completed my EMT-B course in May of this year. The firehall is only a block from my house so it's an easy jog over when the sirens wail us into service.

This week begins Fire Prevention Week, a national community service project to educate families on safe practices. This year CFD expanded their activities to try to involve more of the community. We demonstrated our new ice rescue equipment in a port-a-tank and used the same water for the kids to play with live hoses. There were two Jaws of Life demos on donated cars. Mercy Flight flew in for a tour of one of their birds and this also completed our landing zone training for the year. There was also a bounce house for the kids and a pig roast.

Just before the second Jaws demonstration the Rescue Captain offered to lend me his turnout gear so I could practice as well. It's unlikely that I would ever use the Jaws in a real accident as I would likely be needed in the ambulance but it was interesting to see what it is like as a fireman with all that heavy gear on, in addition to the heavy equipment. I always gave firemen kudos for the guts to run into burning buildings but now it's more important to thank a fireman for every job they do...I certainly can't handle it. Can you?

Don't forget to Fall Back AND change all smoke detector and CO2 monitor batteries on November 1st.