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Thursday, November 08, 2007

my week at a glance

Last Wednesday, my car overheated in the evening rush hour. I took my car to the dealer Thursday morning (yeah!! - it’s still under warranty) and walked to the Metrorail. I purposefully live within walking distance of the train and it’s been a lifesaver several times. It takes the same amount of time to drive the 6 miles to work as it does to walk to the train, go 4 stops and then take the free trolley the rest of the way to work. Kind of sad but it’s a nice break from stressful traffic and I get to catch up on some reading. If you click on the train photo you can see the traffic that runs parallel to the train...that's what I am usually stuck in twice a day, 5 days a week...

After finally getting my car back over the weekend, I did a little Christmas shopping for nephew #1 and stopped at The Quilt Scene to pick up a different red for the German Mystery quilt as well as more blues and neutrals I need to make Star Struck for nephew #2 who is due around Easter.

Later, my friend Angela called from Louisiana. She was back in the USA for her 20-year high school reunion and would have a 6-hour layover the next day in Miami before returning to Buenos Aires. On Sunday I swooped her up from the airport and we went to Miami Beach. She treated me to SushiSamba and then we laid on the beach for a while. We then walked the Lincoln Road pedestrian strip, she ran into some friends, we did a little shopping and I dropped her back at the airport an hour before she needed to board the plane. A whirlwind stopover but we did plan my trip to visit her next spring!! I brought my camera with me but of course I left it in the car, as soon as Ang sends me her pictures, I’ll post them.

Monday night was Bernina Club and we made cute mini quilts with machine-appliquéd trees. As soon as I get mine done I’ll post a picture. I also got another kit in brighter colors that will probably be a gift and I have plans to make a similar project with a snowman for my SIL for Christmas.

Anyone else annoyed with the time change? I feel like I have jet lag all day and the “kids” still want breakfast at the old 6am. At least the sunny mornings and cooler weather, thanks to 2 “cold” fronts, have inspired me to restart my morning walks but I do wish I could get myself back into sewing mode. I have paperwork I should be doing and instead I seem to be stalling on everything that needs to be done…
PS - Blogger doesn't know how to spell Bernina - who would have guessed?!

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