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Monday, March 29, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Oh look...another tablerunner :) I actually finished the sunflower runner and a blue striped runner last week but forgot to take pictures - maybe later this week...

This is yet another runner that I started last fall and it got set aside when there was no chance of getting it done for the Bazaar. I've added the brown inner border and now I am laying out the outer border to make sure the colors are balanced.

I prefer to stand on the other side of the room, remove my glasses and squint to make sure it looks balanced.
When that fails...take a picture in black and white! hmm...the black and white pix tells me the orange and green on the upper right need to be seperated...didn't notice that standing there this morning.

The colors are pretty bright and intense, even for me. Wait until you see the back and binding that I picked out.


Barb in Mi said...

You must be the table runner queen! Doesn't it feel good to tackle & finish some 'older' projects though? I like your black-wite placement method and your runners are colorful!

Samantha said...

I have always been amazed by the B&W trick... it really does help!