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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And Cali makes three !!!

Cali was the stray that didn't want to be. She lived behind the liquor store next to my office but was sooo friendly. She would let me pet her and she talked the whole time. I felt bad for her out in the cold but couldn't do much at that point for various reasons.

Then she disappeared and it turned out the liquor store lady had taken her to get fixed and given her to the upstairs tenant. I casually offered that I might take her if the tenant ever changed her mind. Months went by and I missed the talkative little furball but knew she had a good home as I saw her peaking out the upstairs window.

Well... just over a week ago there was a note under my windshield wiper asking if I still wanted her. Cali came home with me Tuesday, 11/23/10 - her very own Happy Gotcha Day! The two tabbies were not happy at all last week  - instead of the bloods versus the crips we had the tabbies versus the calico. How quickly the tabbies forget that just 4 months ago they hated each other. Now any two in the same room are ok until the third arrives. There has been some hissing as cats pass in a narrow area but this morning I awoke to Cali cuddling with me while the tabbies were in their usual spots at the foot of my bed.

I think we will all be fine here in Casa Grande.

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Denise :) said...

I'm having so much fun -- she was so darling!!! :)