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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Houston Quilts I would consider making

As of this moment - we have at least an inch of snow with a weather warning to get at least 1 more inch by 5:30pm. I may not have thought to wear boots today but I do have the scaper in my car to clean her off...

Never fear - it is also supposed to be 50F this weekend :)

No plows out yet but I just saw a county sherriff slide down mainstreet, lights and sirens on, trying to slow down but not stop for a red light.

Back to Houston - below are the top five quilts that I would consider making myself. Ok - you know this list is in addition to the quilts in yesterday's post, right?!

This would be my second most likely to recreate. I love feathered stars but haven’t made one yet.

My closeup of this quilt is actually in focus and this is probably the first quilt I would like to make because I think the basket is so different than most I’ve seen.

There were many cat quilts but I do think this was my fav - it's made with thread painting.

Which one would you copy first?


Janet O. said...

Isn't the top one a Bonnie Hunter design? Seems like Lori D. (Humble Quilts) just had a link to this design on her most recent post. I really like it, but the feathered star is my "most likely". After I have made one I may feel differently. I am planning on a class to learn a good method for making them, but it isn't being offered until next year.
I think you ought to learn thread painting and do your kitties. : )

Denise :) said...

I love feathered stars. I've done one, as part of a BOM. It is marvelous, but I still have five more to do. LOL!! I think thread painting your kitty cats is a great idea. SNOW!!! I want some ... perhaps after our camping visitors leave. LOL -- I'm sure they'd appreciate that!! :)

Michelle said...

Oh, the first one definitely.
They are all so very nice, love the Giraffe.

Me and My Stitches said...

They are all wonderful! I have started the basket quilt - in pinks and browns. I made several blocks but the prints I chose were a little too busy. Not it is sitting in my closet - one of several UFOs! I do love it, though and hope to finish it one of these days!