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Monday, November 26, 2012

Design Wall Monday - 11/26/12

I was so excited for the sun to come out and get some pictures this morning but then I had to create some shadows so it wasn't all washed out (and that made the chickadee fabric upside down - sorry). I know, I ask too much. And now I suffer as we are back to grey skies. At least we got a little snow over the weekend!!!

I picked up the black batik on Black Friday as well as a dark grey batik I'll be using for the outer border. I think 1 more strip set and I should be able to get this center part finished. Then there will be a narrow black border of the same black (which incorporates all the other batik colors - a great find) and then a grey border with black cornerstones. It's not a real big quilt but I hope to make it my camping quilt so it's big enough.

I had this quilt on the floor over night and maybe a couple pieces were moved from 12 little feet walking over them but then I took my shower this morning and came downstairs to this:

I am 99.9% sure it's from Squeaky as she loves to take a running leap with a twist - I guess you could call it her signature move.

Did you notice????

I now have a yardsale tab on my blog - I'm trying to move out some things that I mostly have never used. Rulers are posted and I have started on books. Patterns will be next. Who knows what will come after that...


Missy Shay said...

I have the same problem when laying out quilts! LOL I love your quilt.

Janet O. said...

Great looking quilt--simple design (not simple to make), but bold graphics.
You know what they say--when Momma's away the cats will play (hmm, something doesn't sound the same there). : )

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Your quilt is beautiful, I love the sashing and your color choices. Cats, wood floors and quilt blocks are a bad trio ;-D.

quilt32 said...

Nice quilt - and I'll be checking out your yard sale items.

Denise :) said...

Sarah, this is marvelous!! I love the white center blocks -- I'd really like to see a closeup of that print!! I think you've got a case of "some kinds of help are the kinds of help....we all could do without"! Did you find out anything on the media shipping? Or did I miss that?! :)

Grit said...

Looks great.
I love your blog. I´m your new follower.
Liebe Grüße Grit from Germany