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Thursday, July 25, 2013

ADK Vacation Road Trip #1, Part #1

On Monday, 7/15/13 I headed north of where I was camping.

My first stop was going to be Buttermilk Falls. I had assumed, like everything else in the Mts, that it would be a hike so I had some granola bars and hexies in my camelback along with the binocs and camera. When I pulled up by the roadside sign I knew this was no hike as I could already hear the water gushing over the falls! Turns out the rains before I went camping had created a monster. Dad tells me he has been there before when it was calm enough for people to swim. Not this day!

The water starts in this pond like area, altho I really think this is a river.

but goes into a very narrow channel and then over the falls

into another pond like area, where this foam is created - is that the buttermilk?

There were short walking path above and below the falls, including steps to make it easier to climb.

Instead of the pile of poo I was hoping wasn't from a bear or a moose (altho I really would like to see a moose, just not alone in the woods), I'll share this next little beauty...

It was so loud sitting next the falls that I couldn't hear myself think! I didn't get many hexies completed before I decided to move on.

I drove past Blue Mountain: given the heat and difficulty rating of climbing the mountain, I talked myself out of it this trip.

I stopped at Hoss's in Long Lake - it's pretty touristy but they have nice book and camping gear sections as well. And yes...that pine tree does grow up through the store!

Since it was only 9am I decided to drive a little farther which took me to (I think) Racquet River.

I then thought I would keep going to Tupper Lake but it turns out I took quite a few pictures there which would make this post extremely long so I'll save it for another day...


Ruth said...

What a great vacation! Some century, I'll convince the Hubz that he needs to go here.

Missy Shay said...

I love road trips and the waterfalls were so pretty!

Denise :) said...

What fun! Thanks for excluding the big pile of poo ... though I think perhaps I could do without the spider web, too. Love the pine tree growing up through the store!! What beautiful pictures you got!! :)