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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

HeLP for Hexie-aholics!

Hello and welcome to HeLP for Hexie-aholics - a monthly linky party for anything hexie. Yes, that means all EPP shapes and projects of any vintage.

Today I thought I would share my method for putting together a rose star block. It's probably nothing earth shattering but some people "struggle" with the different shapes and I have figured out the best path for me to use the least number of threads for whip stitching. Assume you will baste pieces and cut off the thread, unless stated otherwise.

Let me first tell you that I do not baste thru the papers and my basting and stitching is all done with the same thread (a pale yellow Bottom Line). I also don't knot my threads - a couple or 3 tack stitches on top of each other does the job. I also advocate for tiny binder clips to hold your fabric steady while you are basting - I get mine at Walmart. Lastly, be sure to punch a hole in all of your papers so they are easier to get out when the piece is done.

The rose star consists of 31 pieces: 1 hexagon, 18 kites and 12 hexie-thirds. I'm using 2" pieces from paperpieces.com.

I start with basting the hexagon and because of the size I use 3 binder clips.

Next I baste the 6 inner hexie-thirds. I use 2 clips and start basting at the bottom right corner, finishing at the bottom left corner. Because the top 2 sides are a little longer, I just catch the needle/thread into a smidge of the fabric, that way the thread isn't waving about.

Next I whip stitch the 6 thirds around the hexie, "travelling" the thread on the short sides to eliminate starting and stopping threads.

Now I baste 2 more outer hexie-thirds, 2 inner kites and 1 outer kite. I again use 2 clips for the kites but start basting in the upper right corner, finishing at the point and catching the needle/thread into the fabric on the long side. I try to plan my basting so that I am basting the last inner kite using a long thread and don't cut the thread. Don't worry about the "dog ears" at the point of the kite - they will be on the back side of the star and will nest together.

Lay out the 3 kites and 2 thirds as shown. Using the basting thread from the last kite, whip stitch the pieces together and do not cut the thread from the last side. Using the same thread it can now be stitched to any side of the center. Repeat twice, sewing to every other side of the center hexie.

Now lay out 2 inner and 1 outer kites, assembling in a similar manner. The thread will end at the side of the triangle allowing you to stitch to a hexie-third in the spaces left from the previous step.

Oops...before I forget. This is what the back looks like where the dog ears are nesting with each other. When I am whip stitching kites I just tuck the dog ear out of the way to do the stitches and then let it fall back in to place.

And here are the blocks that I have finished so far. I have a 12th in progress and 3 more ready to fussy cut. I still need to play with color placement and decide how many stars to make. I have a feeling I'm going to make stars until I run out of fabric :)

All right friends - it's time to share your hexie projects! Please remember to link to a specific post and not your blog in general. Ask for help if you need it. Non-hexie links will be deleted.


tubakk said...

Your star block is so fantastic. I'm tempted to try, but I think I've already too many projects going.

margaret said...

many thanks for the instructions, they will be a great help. Never thought about a hole in the papers, will do that too.

Julierose said...

I love your star blocks! I am still having to quilt my table runner hexie..hugs, Julierose

Manuela said...

All your star blocks look very beautiful.

Greetings, Manuela

Angie in SoCal said...

Thanks for the tutorial on the star block. I'm bookmarking it!

Denise :) said...

I totally could have linked up my EPP project...I was just so focused on getting ready to head out the door, it totally slipped my mind. Boo! You know, until I did the twisted hexie project ... I thought I had to tuck all loose edges under, so I didn't leave dog ears -- which makes your piecing so much smoother! It would have made the piecing for my starburst project so much easier. Lesson learned! This is what happens when one is self taught -- you learn the HARD way! Haha! :)