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Monday, October 21, 2013

Design Wall Monday - 10/21/18

We had a wonderful time in Gettysburg, PA this weekend to re-dedicate my g-g-grandfather's regimental monument. And even better...Zorro didn't destroy the house!!

 I'll post pictures about the trip later this week - I thought I would share the hexies I finished today for Design Wall Monday.  It's not quite a 5 hour drive each way and then 2 evenings in the motel room, so I was able to accomplish a decent amount of work while watching the fall leaves/scenery.

First I basted 2" hexies until I ran out of the cut fabric pieces - I am determined to finish my hexie puzzle project sooner than later and I just need to fill in the sides with these hexies...

Then I made 4 more of these black and white stars for my Salt & Pepper project until I ran out of jewel papers. I thought I had a new package of the 2" jewels which should make 12 stars. I have to figure out where the rest of the papers went so I can make more of these and then I need to actually decide what colors to use for the fill in tumbling blocks.

And on the ride home, I basted green 3/4" hexies until I ran out of pre-threaded needles about 7 minutes from home. The various greens are from a swap we did in Hexie Club this summer to make a Christmas Tree banner and I think I have 6 more greens to baste. I best get to working on this since the holidays are just around the corner...Yikes!

I'm still looking for anyone willing to send a postcard to my secret sister. I need to send the address to people from this weekend but I think there were some blog glitches last week where I wasn't getting comments - if you don't hear back from me by Wednesday, please email me again. Thanks again for helping with the card shower :)


tubakk said...

What an amount of hexies! It's so interesting to see your projects growing. I don't know what it is, the postcard thing. Tell me, and I'll send one if that's ok.

A Nudge said...

Wow! What a lot of hexie progress. You are so lucky. I can't do anything in the car without getting motion sick. Driving or sitting doing nothing are all I can do. Thanks for linking to Hexie Friday.

A Nudge said...

I can send a postcard also - just email me at my contact address and let me know where.

margaret said...

you certainly made good use of those 5 hour drives and love the green ones.

Denise :) said...

I love all your projects! The B&W is my favorite!! :)