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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Trippy Tuesday

Not sure why I'm so in to my Scrappy Trips project lately but I've got a rhythm going and I'm making lotsa progress, especially thanks to my tiny helper holding down this stack of blocks.

I was originally going to do a standard ST quilt but then I started playing in EQ7. That's like just having a little look-see at Pinterest ... it goes on and on and on until someone cries uncle!

I ended up with the above design, using 20 blocks.

Yesterday, as I was preparing the last 5 blocks I pulled up the EQ file to make sure I remembered the block count correctly and started playing again. Very quickly I decided that one more row and one more column would show my funky layout much better.

I layed out the finished blocks this morning. I'm not sure the design is as prominent in scrappy colors but I think if I use some brighter yellows for the rest of the blocks and arrange some of these "darker" blocks at outside corners, I can make the design stand out. What do you think?

Thinking about it now, I should have used just 1 fabric for the center. *IF* I ever make another (and I can't believe I'm saying this considering I didn't like this project a few weeks ago) I would try using just one fabric.

Oh and go ahead and steal my design, you know you wanna, but you have to promise to show me the quilt that you make from it :^)


Janet O. said...

Sorry, mine is going together in a traditional layout, IF it ever gets finished! I'm not going to unpick the blocks that are already sewn together, no matter how fun your funky layout looks. I need forward progress!! : )

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

That is a really fun layout. I have resisted starting one but plan to try it next year. I'll be scouring Pinterest for ideas as I've pinned several. I think you are on the right track!

Chantal said...

Very nice Miss Sarah! I have started a scrappy trip too! It's been sitting all neglected for a while now. I will have to get back to it. You are inspiring me!

Michelle said...

Love it Sarah.....!!
I have a thousand strips cut and 8 or 9 blocks made and 6 or 7 sewn ready to recut , but my machine is skipping stitches......not happy !
I want a new machine.....which I am now saving for......
I really want to finish mine..........!!!!!!!

margaret said...

i love the variety of fabrics here and envy you your EQ7 software