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Friday, February 21, 2014

Feline Friday - 2/21/14

Momma had Monday off from work ... so she stayed home and worked. Go figure!!

Uncle Tommy remodeled his bedroom and got new furrrrrrniture. He's giving Momma the old furrrrrniture so that she can have a proper guest room. On the one paw that means that random people might come sleep in my house but on the other paw there is more furrrrrniture for me to sleep on. Momma says she is going to lay all her quilts on the guest bed for storage. I think the bed will be nice and comfy even tho something was said about a sheet going over the quilts to keep the fur off the furrrrrniture.

In order to ready the guest room, Momma had to put the stuff back in the office/library which had become a bit of a dumping ground since painting the walls. See!!

I like her new desk made out of this old door. She really likes that the desk is under her map that Grandpoppa mounted on the wall. If you can see the little black pins, those are the places that Momma has visited. Someday, Momma wants to visit all 50 states!! She also wants to get another kind of pin to mark where her bloggy friends live. She'll have to get a world map to mark her other travels and bloggy friends.

There was lots of sunshine Monday and Momma laid out all the empty boxes for us to play in. There were 8 empty boxes!! Momma didn't get the camera fast enough when Midgie was playing tho.

This was the view out the window. Sadly all the icicles are gone now cuz it's raining :(

This is the library when Momma called it quits for the day. Obviously there are more boxes to empty and frames to hang on the walls. Momma also says the corner to the right will have a reading chair and lamp. Every cat needs a reading chair, right??!!

What has your Momma been up to lately? Did she make you a box fort when she did it?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the map and the color blue in the room is wonderful. My furries have been playing tag - too fast to catch on camera.

Janet O. said...

Great looking library! Yes, every cat needs a reading chair!!
I like the storage idea for quilts--especially the sheet over the top.
Always enjoy hearing from the "other side". : )

Ruth said...

Kitty fur all over everything. But then, that's what quilts are for. DD's cats fur up her quilt daily.

Michelle said...

Love the blue walls...........
Looks very nice.
Those icicles look dangerous.....but pretty too.