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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Bibliophile Files - 6/14/16

Hello! and Welcome to another monthly addition of The Bibliophile Files, a monthly log of the books I've read. I hope you'll link at the bottom to let us know what you've been reading...

     Day of the Dead
     Book of the Dead
     A Lion Among Men
     Seventy-Seven Clocks
     Great Tennesee Monkey Trial
     Partner in Crime
     Hunting Season
     Vivian Apple at the End of the World
     At Risk
     100 Sideways Miles
     The Photograph

In progress:
     On the car stereo- Queen of the Night
     on my iPhone- NYPD Red 4
     on my home stereo- The Kingdom

Goodreads.com (where I log my books and look for suggestions) says I am 2 books behind schedule to make my goal of 84 books for the year. I think that's an easy catch up. 35 down...49 to go...

Some of my listed books are from a summer reading program for teens at AudioBooksSync. Every Thursday they post 2 audiobooks available for free downloading for the week. The following Thursday hosts 2 different books. While these are not my usual police procedural books they have been pretty interesting so far. Nine weeks left so I hope you'll join in...

And now it's your turn... Tell us what you've been reading. It can be a novel, cookbook, quilt pattern, magazine or cereal box. Looking forward to finding new books to read!!

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