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Friday, November 18, 2016

Feline Friday - 11/18/16

Hey lady - I can help you strip these dried catnip stalks!

Ahhh Dude - that was sooooo worth turning in my 1 year NA chip.
Got any snacks?

Awesomesauce - it's stuck in my fur so I can take it with me all day!

O! M! G!
It's catnip toy making season!!!

Nope - I didn't even think of inhaling

Momma missed a little at the bottom

Mission Accomplished!

NA = 'Nipheads Anonymous. Of course!!!

No felines were harmed in the making of this 'Nip-umentary...


KimM said...

Lol! Too funny!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

OMG - hilarious!! I gave my furkids some dried nip today, but the outdoor stuff is still going and I think they prefer that. Love the licking the bottom of the bag

Missy Shay said...

That tongue in the bag is hilarious!

Janet O. said...

Thanks for the laugh!!

margaret said...

cat nip sends all cats bonkers! How have you managed to grow it I wonder when I had cats and tried they woild destroy the cuttings straight away.
Tried to add a photo but not from my blog but the computer but could not work out how to do it it keep saying it need a blog link

Denise :) said...

That Z, he keeps things lively, doesn't he?? Bleu looks like a true niphead. :)