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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wednesday Weather Report #31 - 12/20/17

Did you miss me this week? It's been crazy! Friday was shopping day in the city. Saturday and part of Sunday were busy sewing gifts and cutting for the latest Ringo clue. The rest of the week has been work and parties.

My boss wore his new tie yesterday so I'll take that as a thumbs up! The fabric is kale which is as close to lettuce as I could find. One of his side businesses is to grow leaf lettuce in a 'high tunnel' - he then sells it in a road side stand and to several local restaurants.

Lemme just tell you the directions for this tie pattern were the worst that I have ever seen. At some point I just started winging it because they were so bad. Ugh.

I've cut all I need to make half the Ringo bits for this week. Those piles aren't exactly the same height. I hope I counted them correctly...

I've even sewed a little but that's mostly delayed until after I'm finished getting ready for Christmas.
If you hope over to Bonnie's linky party you can see who else is working on the same mystery.

It also snowed a little on Saturday. Wink.
What was that? You can't quite tell how much snow from that picture?

Is this better? Yipp. It snowed a little...

Zorro came outside to snoopervise while I cleaned up the driveway after a neighbor surprised me by plowing most of it while I walked to the post office :)

He is not a happy camper when it's cold and snowy but he was happy to be tucked in after his morning escapade.

And yet with all the hustle and bustle (I've survived 5 of 8 parties so far this week) I have been a little remiss in working on my weather rosette. I'm sure all y'all can understand how a girl can get behind...

16 - 16 - 25 - 25 - 22 - 39 - 45F
Yes those temps are correct. And my yard?

We are back to this. Boo! So much for my White Christmas...

PS - For anyone new joining today, say from Bonnie's Linky party, my Wednesday Weather Report Linky is a place for anyone also making a weather related EPP quilt to link up. Each of the participants has created a colored thermometer and picked a time each day to check the temperature. Depending on the temp we make a hexie in the appropriate color and add it to the rosette. My "week" is Wednesday to Tuesday but everyone has put their spin on the project. If you are also a hexie-ologist, we would love to have you join in the fun!!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

You had a lot more snow than us and the warm/rain washed most of ours away, too. I love the colors and fabric choices for your nect rosette. I am seeing more and more comments about patterns being so impossibly written - some of our students have brought projects here that we have to re-write or re-think; totally unacceptable.

Janet O. said...

Gotta love the tie!
Wow--you got dumped on, and it is gone already? Come on over, Sarah. We had snow on the ground, several inches have fallen today, and it is cold enough to stick. It will be a white Christmas here!
Your temps are all over the place!
Sounds like party overload for you. I had one last week, one this week, and one next week. The thing is, two of them are at my house.

Pamela said...

I totally understand getting behind on finishing the weekly blocks, I'm in the same boat. The snow is pretty, but so cold!

Jo said...

That's a bit of difference with your temperatures. Love the snow pile on your letterbox. Still too cold for me... Fun looking tie. You will get back to On RINGO Lake..

Me and My Stitches said...

We haven't even had a flake of snow in Iowa. I want a white Christmas!!

Vireya said...

That is some serious snow! And seriously cold weather.