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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Binding Continues

Harumph...no sign of the Price Fairy yet. Maybe she's just waiting until I have more table runners done before popping over...
I'm still working on quilting and binding table runners for the bazaar which is next weekend. I'd soooooo like to do some piecing - but other than 2 pillowcases Michele and I made last weekend for a charity project, I don't have the time or energy. The colors in this picture are a little dark - it really is a pretty fall strip and the purple on the back just adds a nice punch to it.

I think I must be the slowest binder. I don't care for whipstitched bindings - why do a quickie stitch like that when I've spent so much time on the rest of the quilt? I don't care for the machine sewn bindings I have seen either. I know several people have posted their techniques online but I didn't have time to perfect them before the bazaar. Maybe next year... In the meantime I will continue what is essentially an applique stitch while I listen to some good books or watch movies from the library. Yesterday's movie was 'Blind Dating' and this weekend was 'Bottle Shock' which was my fav of the two.

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