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Friday, October 23, 2009

keep it or sell it?

This is my fav table runner so far for the Christmas Bazaar. The colors/fabrics are bright and likeable but my fav part is the quilting. I've really been debating whether to keep it for myself. Mom says why not but I already have two people interested in buying it. Of course, neither has asked the price so I guess I need to start pricing runners and ask them if they really want it. Otherwise I will finish one that is cheaper and more likely to sell. I have never been confident in pricing my art. Can't the Pricing Fairy just pop over this weekend and tell me what to do??!!

In the background you will see my little helper. Pepper rarely "sews" with me so I was thrilled when he spent several evenings on a roll of batting while I was working in my studio. If I keep the house chilly enough do you think he might continue to help?

The next picture is Tula. There's nothing better than a fresh bag of cat food - she wouldn't even let me get it into the bowl.

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