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Monday, May 24, 2010

Castile Bicentennial Playground

2008 was the Town of Castile Bicentennial Celebration, of which my mother was chair as the Town Clerk. Luckily there was money left over after a year of festivities so with more donations and dad as a playground committee of one, they were able to purchase a new playground for the Village Park. With installation costs we are looking at a $20,000 investment in the Town and oohs and ahhs from the little ones makes it all worth it!

We installed the playground with (mostly) volunteer efforts last Thursday and Friday and I took both days off to help - the entire family was there. What was to have been a three day project was completed in less than two thanks to the many volunteers who labored in the gorgeous weather.

(the village DPW studies the blueprints after the auger cut the electic lines, cutting all power to the park)

Ty came to the park after am pre-school so he got to be first down the big slide.

Ry kept saying "open?" since he has to wait until the playground is officially opened Monday. In the meantime, he built a stick farm in the horseshoe pit. Good improvise, little man!

Saturday was spent watching Ty's t-ball game (they won!) and Sunday was spent outdoors getting the rest of the veggies planted and mowing and mulching and...and...and... in the yard before grilling sausages. 4 days of perfect hi-70s weather made it hard to come back to work today.

Oh BTW - did you hear about the 1936 wheat penny dug up in my veggie garden or the deer that ran thru my (village) yard?

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Denise :) said...

Oh how fun!!! :)