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Friday, May 14, 2010

Elm Creek Quilters - A Quilter's Holiday

Does reading about quilts count as quilting?
When I finally got home last night Tula wanted to go out to the porch so I grabbed the nearest library book. It was a little chilly so we didn't stay long but I was into the book enuf so that when I finally cobbled dinner together and made a batch of granola bars, I snuggled on the loveseat under a quilt and read until bedtime. This morning her furiness wanted out again so, in my pjs and bathrobe, we read on the porch until I had to get ready for work. I don't think Tula feels well since she isn't scarfing her food up as usual so I am happy to indulger her.
You can see in the picture that it was 59 degrees this morning and quite humid - it was perfect. The one inch strips are from my OMG quilt - it's a good no brainer project to sew strips together into teeny-tiny 9patches when my brain can't seem to get in gear for anything else. I certainly hope it gets back in gear soon because I have borders to finish on that batik quilt top and table runners to quilt and gardens to weed and lawn to mow and plants to plant and floors to sweep and and and...

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